Anur Transyl is the steampunk mechanized home planet of the Transylians located in the Anur System, and it has at least one known moon called Luna Lobo.


Anur Transyl appears to be a planet held together by stitches, much like Transylians themselves, with large gaps in between continents, causing the planet core to be completely visible. The planet core has pink protrusions that generates a pink energy field. There are also at least three spires.

Anur Transyl is shown to be linked with the other planets in the Anur System with what looks like purple cobwebs.


At least some of the surface of Anur Transyl is occupied by dark shantytowns inhabited by various species.

Notable Inhabitants

Non-native species

Notable Visitors



Anur Transyl is a play on name Transylvania, long alleged to be the home of vampires and werewolves.


  • According to Derrick J. Wyatt, Anur Transyl has big metropolitans areas that have multicultural communities.[1]
    • Anur Transyl itself makes reference to this fact because of its moon of Luna Lobo being the home of the Loboans (alien werewolves) and that Anur Transyl was the former home of the Vladats (alien vampires).
  • On Anur Transyl, Humans are held in regard as monsters in the same way the beings they are based on are regarded as monsters by humans.



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