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The Anur System, also known as the Anur Belt,[pop-up 1][1] is a dark and gloomy solar system in the Milky Way Galaxy that girds the Null Void from regular space.[merch 1]


Massive cobweb-like structures seem to stretch across the system and link its various planets and moons together, though the exact origin and purpose of these giant webs is currently unknown.[2] There is a sun in the Anur System, but it is of small size, explaining why there isn't much light in the system.[3]


At some point, the Ectonurites used their ghost-like powers to slowly become rulers of every planet in the Anur System.[pop-up 2][4]

By the time of Omniverse, the authority of the Plumbers is not recognized in the Anur System. However, Scout is an active Plumber stationed in the Anur System.

Known Planets and Moons

Anur Phaetos

Anur Phaetos is the home planet of the Ectonurites, a ghost-like species.

Anur Transyl

Anur Transyl is the home planet of the Transylians, a simulacrum-like species; and formerly the Vladats, a vampire-like species.

Other species living on Anur Transyl include Ectonurites, Loboans, and Thep Khufans.

Luna Lobo

Luna Lobo is Anur Transyl's moon.[pop-up 3][5] Luna Lobo is the home of the Loboans, a werewolf-like species.[merch 2]

Anur Khufos

Anur Khufos is the home planet of the Thep Khufans, a mummy-like species.[merch 1]

Anur Ormerow

Anur Ormerow[pop-up 4][4] is the home planet of the Ormerowons,[DJW 1] a zombie-like species that invaded an Earth shopping mall at the end of Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix.[pop-up 5][6]

Anur Vladias

Anur Vladias[note 1] is the old home planet of the now-extinct Vladats.

Anur Vladias is abandoned and uninhabitable.[DJW 2]

Anur G'rrnay

Anur G'rrnay[pop-up 4][4] is a planet in the Anur System.

Anur Millgan

Anur Millgan[pop-up 4][4] is a planet in the Anur System.

Notable Inhabitants

Notable Visitors



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  1. The name Anur Vladias does not appear in any official media or merchandise, nor in any background information revealed via pop-ups. Its first occurrence can be traced back to April 15, 2010, when user Deeman22baby inserted Anur Vladias in the Anur System page, during a series of misinformation edits on this wiki that have been since been rectified, presenting the planet as the homeworld of the Vladats instead of Anur Transyl. Omniverse art director, Derrick J. Wyatt, would later present background information about Anur Vladias upon being directly requested on October 26, 2014, seemingly unaware of the planet's fan-made origin. Thus, the canonicity of Anur Vladias is dubious.


Derrick J. Wyatt

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