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Anur Phaetos is a planet from the Anur System. The perpetually dark world of the ghost-like species, the Ectonurites. It was ruled by the High Ecto-Lord, Zs'Skayr.


Main Timeline

Anur Phaetos is fairly dark, surrounded in bone-like protrusions. This, however, was only shown on a collectible card. Said card also states that Anur Phaetos is "The galaxy's greatest mystery," as no one who has ever gone to Anur Phaetos returned from it.

Vilgax Attacks Timeline

Ben, Gwen, Kevin and Ship are transported to Anur Phaetos with the help of Verdona.

In this timeline Anur Phaetos is not a planet in the technical sense, but in fact an alternate dimension, one of which that can't be accessed from the main timeline. It resembles the Null Void, only being blue and entirely composed of large purple-blue and black stones floating in a dark abyss.

Ectonurites living there are revealed to be fairly aggressive, a trait that oddly seems to carry onto the landscape: the whole planet is surrounded in portals leading to "the darkness". Also, caves and walls are coated in electrical tentacle-like protrusions, and blow dart-shooting structures and pink spikes can be seen all over Anur Phaetos, with jagged bone-like structures as well. There are also red vortexes, moving platforms, "lanterns", holes that send strong gusts of air and portals leading to complex tunnels with numeral gaps, barriers, and hazards, making Anur Phaetos a highly unpredictable planet.

Notable Inhabitants

Notable Visitors

Vilgax Attacks Timeline


  • In the game FusionFall, as revealed by Vilgax, Planet Fuse encountered Anur Phaetos and almost absorbed it. The Ectonurites convinced Planet Fuse not to absorb Anur Phaetos and promised to help him find Earth.

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