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Anur Khufos is a desert planet located in the Anur System and the home planet of Thep Khufans.[merch 1]


Anur Khufos is a desert-like wasteland filled with very large amounts of a glowing, purplish metal called Corrodium,[pop-up 1][1] which is highly radioactive and can cause hideous mutations to most other species if they are exposed to its radiation.[merch 1]

Anur Khufos exists below the surface of perception.[merch 1]


Thep Khufans live in deep, dark structures to keep them away from their planet's heat and wind.[pop-up 1][1] The more well off Thep Khufans sleep in sarcophagi, which the poorer Thep Khufans are unable to afford. Therefore, sarcophagi are a kind of a status symbol among the Thep Khufans' wealthy elite.[DJW 1]

Notable Inhabitants


The name of Anur Khufos is a play on 'Khufu', who was an Egyptian pharaoh.


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