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Anubian Baskurrs[1][2] are a non-sapient alien species from an unknown planet.


Anubian Baskurrs look like a cross between dog and a dinosaur with some feline features (e.g. longer hind legs). They have a blue colored body with black stripes. They have a dinosaur like skull with a jagged upper jaw, red eyes and pointed ears. A chain of pointed plates protrude from their spine, which extends to form a short tail. They have three pointed toes on each leg and their hind legs are larger than their fore legs.

Only female Anubian Baskurrs have been seen.


Anubian Baskurrs' behavior suggests high intelligence and social capacity, similar to that of Earth dogs. They can easily be tamed by being loved and cared for. They enjoy being scratched behind their ears.[3]

They can be made to obey by high-frequency whistles, such as those from Khyber's gills.[3]

Anubian Baskurrs will show loyalty to those that treat them well, as shown by Zed defecting to Kevin Levin after having been a loyal and obedient pet to Khyber for years.[4]

Anubian Baskurrs are highly capable predators. Whether they are naturally lone predators or pack hunters is unclear, as Zed is highly social (suggesting pack behavior) yet extremely capable on her own. Zed's talent with the Nemetrix is also noteworthy as it shows a high degree of adaptability and neuroplasticity (able to control bodies that are far removed from their own physiology).

Powers and Abilities[]

Anubian Baskurrs can track almost anything and anyone by their scent.[5]

Anubian Baskurrs have enhanced hearing, as Zed was able to hear Khyber whistling from afar.[6]

Anubian Baskurrs have enhanced strength. For example, Zed is strong enough to headbutt Leander into a shelf.[7]

Anubian Baskurrs have enhanced speed, allowing them to cross several feet in a few seconds.[8]

Anubian Baskurrs have enhanced agility, as shown when Zed jumped onto a fast-moving mana platform.[9]

Anubian Baskurrs have strong teeth, as Zed was able to cause great pain to Phil in his Terroranchula form by biting him.[7]

Anubian Baskurrs have a loud roar, being able to make tremors and destroy glass objects with it.[10]


SD1 (313)


An Anubian Baskurr can be tamed by scratching behind their ear.[3]

Feeding an Anubian Baskurr will dull their hunting instinct.[1][11]

Notable Anubian Baskurrs[]


"Anubian Baskurr" comes from Anubis, the name for the Egyptian jackal-headed god of mummification, and the Sherlock Holmes novel The Hound of the Baskervilles.


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