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Antrosapiens are a species of large crystalline monsters that live deep beneath the surface of Petropia.

They are distantly related to the Petrosapiens.


The Antrosapiens resemble theropod dinosaurs made of purple rock. They have yellow eyes, and mouths that practically vanish when closed.


The Antrosapiens live far from the light of the Petropian surface.


They manipulated the wars of the Subsapiens above for centuries before making themselves known and tearing through the Subsapien armies. They were stopped when the Petrosapiens stepped in to ally themselves with the Subsapiens and create a weapon capable of firing the Antrosapien sonic attacks back at them. It will take eons for them to reform.

Powers and Abilities

Antrosapiens are capable of generating powerful sonic shrieks that can shatter Petrosapien and Subsapien crystal structures.


They are not immune to sufficiently powerful sonic attacks, and can be shattered just as they would shatter others.

Notable Antrosapiens


The name Antrosapien comes from the Ancient Greek word ántron meaning cave and sapien meaning intelligent coming from the Latin word for wise.


  • The Antrosapiens strongly resemble Godzilla.
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