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Antonio is a large grey hulking brute with little intelligence and who often talks in third person. He's the ex-boyfriend of Ben and Gwen's cousin, Sunny, and is the current boyfriend of Ben's friend, Ester.


Antonio looks like a troll with elf-like ears, long hair, and bushy eyebrows. He wears black briefs, making him look like a caveman.

In Omniverse, he wears a biker outfit and a helmet with goggles. He's no longer portrayed with pupils.


He is slightly dim-witted and claims to fight for love. Despite this, he appears to be a good boyfriend. He was devoted to Sunny to the point of fighting on her behalf.


Ultimate Alien

After Sunny was sent to Earth to live with her cousin's family for the summer (in an attempt to separate them, as Sunny's parents believe that Antonio's a bad influence on her), Antonio followed her and took Sunny for a night out in town, with himself as their mode of transportation. Sunny immediately rescheduled their plans when Sunny learned that there were more Dimension 12 robots. While they did manage to defeat the robots easily with the couple's help, they still caused some trouble, like Antonio nearly setting off a bomb that he mistook for one of the robots (and thus began trying to smash it).

When Gwen decided to send Sunny home, both Sunny and Antonio immediately began fighting the team, while Gwen fought Sunny, Antonio fought Humungousaur, when he proved stronger than even Humungousaur, Ben went Ultimate Humungousaur. Ben was able to trick Antonio into zapping himself with electricity when he tore out an active light pole. After the fight, Antonio was taken back to his home world by Verdona to allow his parents to decide on his punishment.

Sometime afterwards, Antonio and Sunny broke up.[DJW 1]


In The Most Dangerous Game Show, it turns out that Antonio and Sunny have apparently broken up and that Antonio's now going out with Ester.

Love Interests


A cousin of Ben and Gwen Tennyson, Sunny is Antonio's first known girlfriend. Sunny and Antonio have a deep love for each other, and are not ashamed of demonstrating it; even to the extreme. She flauntingly brags about him from time to time; which annoys anyone unfortunate enough to be within earshot of her.

Despite Sunny's apparent love for Antonio, she often flirts with other boys behind his back (such as Gwen's boyfriend, Kevin Levin). Sunny's parents don't approve of her relationship with Antonio, believing him to be a bad influence on their daughter (in reality, it's more the other way around). Though Sunny's parents tried separating them by sending Sunny to live on Earth with Gwen's family for the summer, Antonio eventually found her.

Antonio is basically Sunny's slave, and he does whatever she tells him to. Sometimes when he looks at her, he gets dazed.

Though Antonio and Sunny both make appearances in The Most Dangerous Game Show, they're not interacting with each other and appear to no longer be dating.


At some point prior to The Most Dangerous Game Show, Ester and Antonio met online.[DJW 2] At the end of the aforementioned episode, Ester reveals to Ben (and, by extension, Kai) that Antonio's her new boyfriend. Ester explains to Ben that as much as she likes him, she's tired of fighting fate (since Ben's destined to end up with Kai and not her) and has decided to try moving on to other guys. Despite this, Ester and Ben still care about each other as friends and decide to remain as just that.

Powers and Abilities

Antonio possesses great strength, which is enough to easily defeat a group of robots from Dimension 12, and even fight Ultimate Humungousaur to a standstill.


Vulnerable to Electricity

Antonio is all brawn but no brains, and can be easily tricked by anyone.

Antonio was vulnerable to electricity.


Ultimate Alien

Season 3


Season 8

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Spanish (HA) Antonio Gálvez From Antonio Gálvez (Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated dubbing voice actor)


  • Antonio often says he fights for love when fighting.
  • Antonio's Omniverse design bears a resemblance to Lobo from DC Comics.


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