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Okay, I admit, I haven't had it long. Few nights ago, I had this crazy dream, it was so vivid. I had to jot down what it showed me. They were plans, designs, blueprints! No way I wasn't gonna build it. I wasn't even sure what it was for. But it didn't take long to figure out, and with few minor modifications of my own, I got something pretty awesome.

Wreckingbolt to Stinkfly.[1]

The Antitrix is a knock-off alternative to the Omnitrix designed by Vilgax and built by Kevin Levin on Earth.


The Antitrix is a makeshift replica of the Omnitrix's season 1 model. The body is brown with two straps underneath the dial where the symbol turned red and appearing in half, resembling a letter 'K', and with the addition of four metal protrusions ending in red lights. When used by Vilgax, the symbol filled up most of the dial, making it look like the letter 'V'.



  • The Antitrix is a DNA-altering device, using the cross-contaminated mutated alien DNA it contains to transform the user into a monstrous mutant of any of the 11 hybrid aliens in the device.[DR 1]
  • How the Antitrix gains mutant lifeforms is unknown, though it may function similar to the second Omnitrix.
  • Unlike the Omnitrix it is modeled after, the Antitrix only possesses 11 aliens, instead of many aliens organized into sets of 10.[2][DR 2]
    • The Antitrix will eventually possess more aliens, as Kevin's future self has access to Humungoraptor.[3]
  • The Antitrix has a quick change feature, allowing Kevin to change forms[4] by pressing the symbol on the aliens' chests.
  • The Antitrix can keep the user in alien form much longer than 5-15 minutes.
  • The Antitrix has a feature akin to Master Control, allowing the user to mentally choose the next alien to turn into.[5][6][7]
  • The Antitrix emits a frequency, even when not in use, so the user can easily be tracked using it.[8]
  • The Antitrix can alter its size to fit the user's wrist.[8]


Symbol Position

  • The Antitrix symbol is generally located on the chest of the transformations.


  • The Antitrix is able to clothe and provide genetic armor for most of the transformations.


  • The Antitrix can be affected by electromagnetic fields, such as lasers.
  • The Antitrix is hackable, making the user vulnerable to being mind controlled.[9]
  • The Antitrix can create a combination of all the aliens if it is tampered with by magic.[2]
  • Similar to the Omnitrix, the Antitrix can randomly turn the user into different forms.[8]


Alien Species 1 Species 2 First Used
Alien V Chimera Sui Generis Celestialsapien[DR 3] First used in Ben 10 Versus the Universe: The Movie
Bashmouth Mutant Unknown Unknown First appeared in Introducing Kevin 11
Bootleg Mutant Galvanic Mechamorph Unknown First appeared in Franken-Fight
Crystalfist Mutant Petrosapien Unknown First appeared in Franken-Fight
Dark Matter Mutant Galvan Unknown First appeared in King of the Castle
Hot Shot Mutant Pyronite Unknown First appeared in Which Watch
Humungoraptor Mutant Vaxasaurian Unknown First appeared in Ben 10,010
Quad Smack Mutant Tetramand Unknown First appeared in Which Watch
Rush Mutant Kineceleran Unknown First appeared in Introducing Kevin 11
Skunkmoth Mutant Lepidopterran Unknown First appeared in Introducing Kevin 11
Thornblade Mutant Florauna Unknown First appeared in King of the Castle
Undertow Mutant Cascan Unknown First appeared in King of the Castle
Wreckingbolt Mutant Arburian Pelarota Unknown First appeared in This One Goes to 11


At some point after being sent to the Null Void by the High Override, Vilgax sent Kevin blueprints for the Omnitrix via a dream. Unbeknownst to Vilgax, the boy arrogantly decided to make minor modifications to the device, making the aliens Kevin becomes somewhat different and more powerful than their normal variants, but also unstable.[1][8]


Ben 10

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5


  • The Antitrix can keep Kevin transformed for much longer than the Omnitrix. This is proven in certain episodes, as the screen-time for an Antitrix alien is equivalent to the screen-time of two Omnitrix aliens.
  • Up until Ben 10 Versus the Universe: The Movie, the Antitrix had only been referred to as such in marketing. In prior instances in the series, Ben and Kevin both referred to it as an Omnitrix.[1][10]
  • The Antitrix is ​​similar to the Ultimatrix in several ways:
    • Both were created by a villain, who took the basic Omnitrix blueprint/core and added extra features onto it by themselves.
    • Both of them make the aliens more powerful in combat.
    • The creators of both are, in some ways, a counterpart of Ben.
  • The Antitrix is also similar to the Biomnitrix in the sense that the transformations are fusions of any two species.
  • Like Kevin himself, all Antitrix transformations are voiced by Greg Cipes. The exceptions are AntiVilgax and Alien V, who are voiced by Yuri Lowenthal due to being transformations used by Vilgax and not Kevin.
  • Kevin modifies the Antitrix on a regular basis.[11]
  • When Vilgax inserted the Omnitrix Key into the Antitrix, the device was not upgraded like with the Omnitrix. Instead, it simply unlocked Celestialsapien DNA, enabling Vilgax to transform into Alien V.
  • The hybrid components of the Antitrix aliens, excluding Alien V, will be revealed much later than Ben 10 Versus the Universe: The Movie.[DR 4] There's also far more to its story, and will eventually be told.[DR 5] The crew is currently working on something that will explain the inner workings of the Antitrix.[DR 6]
    • However, changes at WarnerMedia are putting things, such as further details regarding the Antitrix and its aliens, on pause.[DR 7]
  • The Antitrix's Technology Level is far lower than the Omnitrix due to the crude nature of its creation, its far more violent execution and DNA manipulation being only at half operation compared to the Omnitrix.[DR 8]


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