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Antigravitesla appears in the second Cartoon Network Latin America Commercial promoting the Ben 10 marathon "Ben 10 Total Access".


Antigravitesla looks like a Caucasian human with Minty colored skin along with slick black hair and an English mustache, he gives off a gentleman's vibe. He wears a black and green jumpsuit with a white stripe on it. There are blue energy orbs protruding from the sides of his legs and arms. He has a real heroic laugh too.

The Omnitrix symbol appears on his left pectoral.

Powers and Abilities

Antigravitesla possesses the ability to alter gravity's effect on himself.


Antigravitesla is not shown to be able to control this ability, resulting in him being flung into the air through a roof.


In the commercial, Ben used this alien to protect Julie from DNAliens attacking his high school. However, he is unable to properly control the form and is flung upwards into the sky as a result.



  • Ben 10 Acceso Total Commercial 2 (first appearance)


  • Even though Ben transformed into him using the recalibrated Omnitrix, Antigravitesla does not wear the Omnitrix symbol on the chest, much like Murk Upchuck and Spitter in Alien Force and Ultimate Alien.

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