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The AntiTrix is a knock-off alternative to the Omnitrix created by Kevin Levin on Earth.


The AntiTrix is a makeshift replica of the Omnitrix's season 1 model, with the dial symbol turned red and appearing in half, resembling a letter 'K', and with the addition of four metal protrusions ending in red lights.



  • The AntiTrix is a DNA-Altering device, using contained alien DNA to transform the user into that species of alien.
  • The AntiTrix has a quick change feature, allowing Kevin to change forms by pressing the symbol on the aliens' chests.[1]

AntiTrix Symbol Position

  • The AntiTrix symbol is generally located on the chest of the transformations.


  • The AntiTrix is able to clothe the transformations, such as providing pants and additional body armor for Wreckingbolt.

Known Unlocked Aliens

Alien Species When It Was Unlocked/First Used
Bashmouth Unknown First used in Introducing Kevin 11
Bootleg Mutant Galvanic Mechamorph First used in Franken-Fight
Crystal Fist Mutant Petrosapien First used in Franken-Fight
Dark Matter Mutant Galvan First used in King of the Castle
Hot Shot Mutant Pyronite First used in Buggy Out
Quad Smack Mutant Tetramand First used in Four by Four
Rush Mutant Kineceleran First used in Introducing Kevin 11
Skunkmoth Mutant Lepidopterran First used in Introducing Kevin 11
Thornblade Mutant Florauna First used in King of the Castle
Undertow Mutant Cascan First used in King of the Castle
Wreckingbolt Mutant Arburian Pelarota First used in This One Goes to 11


The AntiTrix was, at some point, created by Kevin Levin, who gained the blueprints to the device in a dream. However, the boy arrogantly decided to make minor modifications to the device, making the aliens Kevin becomes somewhat different and more powerful than the normal variant, but also unstable.[2]


Ben 10

Season 3


  • Unlike the Omnitrix it is modeled after, the AntiTrix can have more than 10 transformations unlocked at a time.[3]
  • The AntiTrix can keep Kevin transformed for much longer than the Omnitrix.
  • The quick-change method is similar to past Omnitrix models.
  • As a nod to the original Kevin's mutations, the duplicates of Ben's original set are mutated varieties.
  • The AntiTrix has been referred to as such only in marketing. Ben and Kevin both refer to it as an Omnitrix.[2][4]