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Anthony Roachisano is an agent who first appears in A Sticky Situation.


He is a overweight tan Caucasian, and has blonde hair with two beards; one under his lower lip, and one on his chin. He has a mole on his left cheek, and for accessories, he wears pink sunglasses, gold rings on his point finger and pinky finger, and golden earrings. His main attire consists of a tie, a white shirt and grey dress clothes.


Like any stereotype carrier agent, he is a fast talker. He will give out ideas and options, suck up to his client, and change clients to the closest random person when his original client is failing, with Gwen saying that "[he has] no loyalty".[1]


He first appears in A Sticky Situation, where he reveals to be working with Kevin. Soon it is revealed that he was working with Queen Bee the entire time. After being caught by the police, he is taken to jail.

He reappears in the episode Tim Buk-tv, where he is Tim Buktu's agent.


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