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Andreas' Fault is the seventh episode of the first season of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, and the seventh episode overall.


The team discovers that alien con-man Argit has somehow become the leader of the Forever Knights.[CN 1]


AF (5)

Argit returns

Argit goes to one of the Forever Knights' castles offering "insurance", but when they refuse, the castle crumbles down to nothing and Argit leaves.

Meanwhile, at Mr. Smoothy, Ben is celebrating his hero status and his fans (or as he calls them, "Benatics") come to meet their favorite hero and get autographs from him with cups of his various aliens. Suddenly, the Forever Knights crash in and take one of the smoothie machines. Ben tries to stop them as Spidermonkey, but his fans block him from doing so.

Ben, Gwen and Kevin go to Jimmy for help and reveals that the Forever Knights have also stolen pizzas and burritos, but they didn't steal any money from the places they stole the food from. They go to a Forever Knight castle (one of the knights is friends with Jimmy and he was in that particular castle when the castle was falling apart in the background) to investigate, but find it destroyed. They head to another castle in Ben's car and enter with Ben using Jetray and find that Argit is the leader of the Forever Knights there and having them steal junk food just to amuse him. If the Knights he goes to refuse to let him rule their castles, he will use his new friend Andreas to destroy the castle.

AF (260)

Jetray scanning Andreas' DNA

Jetray then scans Andreas' DNA and gains a new form and transforms back into Ben. Argit gives Kevin a box of money as payment for the money he owes him. Kevin then says that he loves money more than anything else in the world and Gwen gets mad at him for the remainder of the episode. Argit tells Andreas that Ben and his team are his friends, but then a Forever Knight intelligence officer named Sir Dagonet comes in and turns Argit's Forever Knight garrison against Ben and his friends. He puts Argit and the others into a dungeon after Argit cowardly tries to save himself by telling Dagonet that Ben and his team were forcing him to pretend to be the leader of the Forever Knights. Andreas is to be executed by Dagonet and his death squad for being an alien.

Argit convinces Ben and his friends to break him out in order to save Andreas. Ben transforms Goop to free himself and his friends, then they go to find Andreas. Dagonet prepares to kill Andreas with an energy cannon, but the team arrives and Ben transforms into Swampfire to fight the Forever Knights while Argit and the others release Andreas. But Dagonet activates the cannon's self-destruct, turning it into a bomb to kill the team, before Dagonet and the Knights teleport away.

Swampfire decides to wrap up the bomb in vines, but Kevin says that would not be enough. Argit asks Andreas to absorb the quake of the bomb, and Andreas agrees to save his friends. Before he does this, Andreas takes one last look at Argit before taking hold of the bomb and sinking down into the ground with it. After the castle is destroyed, Argit openly shows his disregard over Andreas, which prompts Kevin to punch Argit, angrily scolds him for his sociopathy, and finishes their friendship forever before they all leave, thinking Andreas sacrificed his life to save them.

AF (502)

Andreas bleeding

Later, Aggregor shows up and finds Andreas badly injured. He heals him and takes him to his ship, then puts him in a stasis pod next to Bivalvan, Galapagus and P'andor. Now all that's left is Ra'ad and then he says, "the fun can begin".

Noteworthy Events[]

Major Events[]

Character Debuts[]



  • Argit (first reappearance)


Aliens Used[]

Aliens on Smoothie Cups[]

Aliens on Jimmy's Wall[]


(The Forever Knight leader looks through a bag filled with collectible cups)
Forever Knight: (grabs the manager) It said Ben '10' flavors! I only count 'nine' souvenir cups!"
(He pulls out his sword and slices the Ben Tennyson cutout)
Spidermonkey: Hey! I was gonna ask the store if I can keep that!

Argit: Face it Kev, no one can match up to my big buddy! Not the knights, not you! How about a smoothie for the road. That's a hint! I'm telling you to get out of my castle!
Ben: Yeah, we got that.

(Andreas starts to panic)
Gwen (asking Argit): He's scared, how do you stop him?
Argit: "Stop him? I just let him go until he knocks down a building, then I gave him a burrito.
Gwen: Agh! You're so helpful.

Naming and Translations[]

Language Name Origin
Hungarian Andreas Hibája Andreas' Fault
Italian Il Sacrificio di Andreas The Sacrifice of Andreas
Polish Wina Andreasa Andreas' Fault
Portuguese (Br) Andreas Andreas
Romanian Greşeala lui Andreas Andreas' Mistake
Russian Вина Андреаса Andreas' Fault
Spanish (HA) La Culpa de Andreas The Fault Of Andreas
Spanish (Spain) La Culpa es de Andreas The Fault Is Of Andreas


Voice Actor Role(s)
Yuri Lowenthal Ben Tennyson
Ashley Johnson Gwen Tennyson
Greg Cipes Kevin Levin
Forever Knight
Dee Bradley Baker Spidermonkey
Knight Leader
Store Manager
John DiMaggio Aggregor
Vyvan Pham Mrs. Jones
Alexander Polinsky Argit
Scott Menville Jimmy Jones
Greg Ellis Sir Dagonet
Chet Rigby


  • Argit gives Kevin a box of money as payment for the money he owes him, continuing a plot point which was first established in Kevin's Big Score and continued in Simple.



  • After Argit gets thrown down the steps, one of his jacket stripes is missing.
  • The second boy who runs to see Ben is carrying a Humungousaur cup, but when Ben signs it, it has Goop's picture.
  • Spidermonkey's hologram faces away from Ben.
  • When Kevin absorbs wood from the door to the Forever Knights' castle, he is covered in metal instead.
  • In multiple shots, Jetray's stripes on his torso are missing.
  • When Andreas first appears, his arm is not connected to his body.
  • When Andreas hugs Kevin, Andreas' hand is yellow instead of grey.


  • Ben's collectible cups at Mr. Smoothy had all of the first 10 aliens from Alien Force on them, with the exception of Chromastone, whose flavor is implied by the one of the Forever Knights at the beginning of the episode to be the only one of the 10 special flavors that was missing.
  • One of Ben's fans comments that the Alien X smoothie was a disappointment after all the hype. This is a reference to how some viewers were let down by Alien X's debut.
  • The cold open and the ending were storyboarded by Ruben Procopio.[RP 1]
    • Based on the storyboards, Andreas was supposed to leak yellow hydraulic fluid instead of a brown oily substance as in the final version of the episode.
    • Andreas has his concept design in the storyboards.


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