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I am an Amperi. We are masters of the electromagnetic spectrum.


Amperi are a species of jellyfish-like beings from the planet Tesslos[merch 1] in the Andromeda Galaxy.


Amperi are jellyfish-like beings. They have four tentacle-like arms and two legs. Three hood-like parts make up their head and torso, with the upper most being the head and the lower two being the torso. They are blue in color, with a white pattern covering their entire body. They are aquatic, but can survive out of water.

Powers and Abilities[]

Amperi can manipulate and produce electricity that is able to stun, paralyze or kill.[merch 1] Amperi can unleash offensive electrical attacks like bolts and beams as seen with Ra'ad[1] or electrical waves as seen with Amphibian.[2] These electrical shocks are able to instantly render an Evolved Methanosian unconscious[3] and push back a Vaxasaurian.[4] Aside from sheer combat potential, Amperi can also move objects with their electricity.[1]

Amperi are also able to absorb electrical energy such as lightning and the Piscciss Volann guards' energy nets. That energy then can be launched out of his tentacles as attacks.[5] Amperi are also able to use their electrokinesis to telekinetically move objects, as demonstrated by Ra'ad.[1]

Amperi can generate a protective force field around themselves; this feat was exclusively demonstrated by Ultimate Aggregor during his visit to the Perplexahedron.[6]

Similar to Galvanic Mechamorphs and Nosedeenians, Amperi can become pure energy in order to enter electrical cables and control technology. Amperi can also generate a large energy blast that surrounds themselves, as demonstrated by Ra'ad.[1]

Similar to Ectonurites and Necrofriggians, Amperi can make themselves intangible.[1] Correlating with this, they are capable of electrically shocking any objects and beings they phase through.[7]

Amperi can fly and are agile enough to dodge attacks while flying.[8]

An Amperi's tentacles can extend multiple times their length.[9][8] Amperi also have some degree of enhanced strength, as Ampfibian was able to restrain Phil with his tentacles.[10]

Due to being boneless, Amperi are able to squeeze through small and tight spaces.[merch 2]

Amperi are durable enough to withstand being thrown against a wall by Solid Plugg[11] and getting hit by an Aerophibian's neuroshock blasts.[12]

Amperi can breathe underwater, as well as being able to at superhuman speeds. They can also safely produce and discharge electricity underwater.[DM 1][5]

Amperi can read the thoughts of other life forms by sensing the electrical pulses of their minds;[DM 2][merch 3][merch 1] this feat was only demonstrated by Ra'ad.[1]


Amperi are weak against enemies who can drain electricity, like Phil.[10] Furthermore, an Amperi's electric attacks are useless against Solid Plugg[11] because he is made out of super dense rubber.[DJW 1]

Amperi can be harmed by an Aerophibian's neuroshock blasts.[12]

Despite being able to use their electricity underwater, an Amperi can accidentally shock themself if they are entering or partially in water, as demonstrated with Ra'ad.[1]

An Amperi's intangibility is useless against other beings that can also become intangible, as it will cancel out their abilities to do so.[4]

Notable Amperi[]

Notable Amperi Hybrids[]


The name Amperi derives from the term "ampere", the SI unit of electric current.


  • Because the Amperi are from the Andromeda Galaxy, Amperi DNA wasn't in the Codon Stream until the Ultimatrix scanned Ra'ad in Fused.
  • The Brazilian Ben 10: Ultimate Alien Online Editora Sticker Album incorrectly states that both the Biot-savartians' and Amperi's homeworld is Attracta.[merch 4][merch 5]
  • Ben 23's transformation of an Amperi, JellyFritz,[DJW 2] was revealed by Derrick J. Wyatt after the series ended. He declined to specify whether it was conceived during or after production.[DJW 3] Thus, the wiki considers it non-canon and unofficial.



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