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Amperi are a species of jellyfish-like beings from the planet Tesslos[merch 1] in the Andromeda Galaxy.


Amperi are jellyfish-like beings. They have four tentacle-like arms and two legs. Three hood-like parts make up their head and torso, with the upper most being the head and the lower two being the torso. They are blue in color, with a white pattern covering their entire body. They are aquatic, but can survive out of water.

Powers and Abilities

Amperi can manipulate, produce, and absorb electrical energy, such as lightning and the Piscciss Volann guards' energy net.[1] That energy is than launched out of their tentacles as attacks.

Similar to Ectonurites and Necrofriggians, Amperi can make themselves intangible.[2] Correlating with this, they are capable of electrically shocking any objects and beings they phase through.[3]

Amperi can fly and are agile enough to dodge attacks while flying.[4]

Amperi can breathe underwater, the latter of which allows them to swim at superhuman speeds. They can also safely produce and discharge electricity underwater.[DM 1][1]

An Amperi's tentacles can extend multiple times their length.[5][4]

Similar to Galvanic Mechamorphs and Nosedeenians, Amperi can become pure energy in order to enter electrical cables and generate a large energy blast that surrounds them, as demonstrated by Ra'ad.[2]

Amperi have a degree of enhanced strength, enough to restrain Phil with their tentacles, as demonstrated by AmpFibian.[6]

Even though their bodies are frail, Amperi are durable enough to withstand being throw against a wall by Solid Plugg[7] and getting hit by an Aerophibian's neuroshock blasts.[8]

Amperi can read both human and Osmosians' thoughts by sensing the electrical pulses of their minds;[DM 2] this feat was only demonstrated by Ra'ad on Kevin.[2]

Amperi can survive in the vacuum of space and generate a protective energy shield around themselves; these feats were both exclusively demonstrated by Ultimate Aggregor during his visit to the Perplexahedron.[9]


An Amperi's intangibility is useless against other beings that can also become intangible, as it will cancel out their abilities to do so.[10]

Amperi are weak against enemies who can drain electricity, like Phil.[6] Furthermore, an Amperi's electric attacks are useless against Solid Plugg[7] because he is made out of super dense rubber.[DJW 1]

Since their bodies are very frail, heavy objects falling on Amperi can make them faint.[8]

Despite their durability, Amperi can still be harmed by an Aerophibian's neuroshock blasts.[8]

Amperi are vulnerable to magic, as shown when AmpFibian got trapped in Gwen's mana shields.[2]

Despite being able to use their electricity underwater, Amperi can accidentally shock themselves if they are entering or partially in water, as demonstrated with Ra'ad.[2]

Notable Amperis

Notable Amperi Hybrids


The name Amperi derives from the term "ampere", the SI unit of electric current.




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