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Amber Ogia is a sweet fruit that is only found on Revonnah.[DJW 1]

Amber Ogia grows in the cleavages of rocks. Its juice, if spilled, attracts Muroids.


The Amber Ogia berry is a coconut-sized, amber-hued fruit that tastes like papaya with a core of honey.[DJW 2]


Amber Ogia fills multiple roles in Revonnahgander life and culture. The berries are harvested once a year, during a nine-day-long harvest festival. The berries provide them with food, clothing, and even the fuel that powers their world, making Revonnah one of the few truly independent and self-sustaining planets in the galaxy-and a target for invaders wishing to exploit its unique resource.

Harvested Ogia is arguably the Revonnahganders most invaluable resource, all but essential for the planets day to day life cycle, from the regular necessities of society such as sustenance and commerce to the very building materials used by the community once properly processed.

These exotic berries can be used to empower an entire army that can invade whole galaxies.

In While You Were Away, Amber Ogia was used by Dr. Psychobos to create a concentrate used to hypnotize the Revonnahganders to harvest the Amber Ogia to create more concentrate.

Amber Ogia can be used to make medicine.[DJW 3]


Attempts to cultivate Amber Ogia off-world - even on artificial planets specifically constructed for that purpose - yield only a sickly and inferior version of the original plant. The reason for this is unknown.



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Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Portuguese (Br) Ogia Ambar From Ogia Ambar, Ogia Amber
Spanish (HA) Ogia Ambar
Ambar Ogia (since While You Were Away)
From Ogia Ambar, Ogia Amber
From Ambar Ogia, original English name


The Word 'Amber Ogia' comes from Amber which is a hard translucent fossilized resin originating from extinct coniferous trees of the Tertiary period, typically yellowish in colour.

The word 'Ogia' comes from the term 'logia'.

The term logia (Greek: λόγια), plural of logion (Greek: λόγιον), is used variously in ancient writings and modern scholarship in reference to communications of divine origin.


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