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What? something in my nose? Not that I really care.

– Amalgam Ben.[1]

Amalgam Ben is a fusion of Ben Tennyson and his original 10 unlocked alien's DNA causing a hybrid alien form that has the powers of them all. 


Amalgam Ben had different parts of his aliens.

Amalgam Ben wears the Omnitrix symbol on his chest.

Powers and Abilities

Amalgam Ben has the powers of all 10 of his original Omnitrix aliens, although the full extent of his powers have not been shown. It is also likely he has access to:

  • Heatblast's pyrokinesis, fire breath, and pyro immunity
  • Overflow's hydrokinesis, underwater breathing, speed swimming, underwater vortex generation, and ice generation
  • Cannonbolt's sphere transformation.
  • Four Arms' enhanced strength and sonic clap
  • XLR8's enhanced speed.
  • Diamondhead's crystallokinesis and energy redirection.
  • Upgrade's technokinesis, elasticity, and space survivability
  • Grey Matter's enhanced intelligence.
  • Wildvine's chlorokinesis, tentacles, gas immunity, hypnosis immunity, regeneration, and enhanced balance.
  • Stinkfly's slime projectiles and flight.


Due to his body structure, Amalgam Ben can find it difficult to balance himself in the air.


Ben 10

  • In Riding the Storm Out, Ben causes the Omnitrix to malfunction by tampering with it and the Omnitrix combines the DNA of all his aliens and himself. Amalgam Ben then fights and defeats the Weatherheads.


Ben 10

Season 1


  • Amalgam Ben is the first occurrence of an Omnitrix fusion between more than two aliens in the franchise.
  • Amalgam Ben is similar to most of Kevin's mutations from the Classic Timeline, though it is an Omnitrix transformation rather than a mutation.
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