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There are many dimensions, many universes, many earths - and thus, many Ben Tennysons across those dimensions. Which are not always in sync in time.

– Professor Paradox explaining the multiverse to No Watch Ben.[1]

Alternate Timelines, also known as Crosstime, Omniverse,[2] or Multiverse are parallel versions of the history we know. Each timeline is every bit as real as the others and there is an infinite number of them. The timelines also shift and alter into another. Many of them branched off since when the universe was first created from the Big Bang at the beginning of time.


Time Heals

After Gwen traveled back in time to stop Ben and Kevin from hacking the Omnitrix, she creates a timeline where she was murdered by Charmcaster, and Kevin was enslaved by Charmcaster and Ben was defeated by Hex. Earth is also taken over by Hex. She soon fixes her mistake by going back in time and stopping herself from doing that.

Ben 10,000 Returns

Twenty years into a possible future, Eon is attacking Ben 10,000's headquarters, where he criticizes Eon's decision to attack him alone. He is then attacked by Eon's servants, but Ben 10,000 eventually defeats Eon - believing he's destroyed. Back in the present, Ben, Gwen and Kevin are investigating a signal the Ultimatrix found. They find the Hands of Armageddon, and when Ben touches it, it releases some of Eon's soldiers. They are soon beaten by the trio, only to disappear right after. In the future, Paradox tells Ben 10,000 that Eon is not dead and he is destroying alternate versions of Ben.

Gwen touches the Hands of Armageddon and reveals an alternate timeline which they don't recall. Paradox and Ben 10,000 arrives soon after. Ben 10,000 reveals he is a different future duplicate than from the one Ben met when he was 10 and Paradox explains crosstime to the team. Paradox informs them that the Hands of Armageddon is the source to their troubles. They take it out to destroy it. Not soon after, Eon and his servants arrive. It is soon revealed that Eons servants are alternate Bens that he kidnapped, and that Eon is an alternate Ben. Eon reveals his plan to create new timeline where he is the only Ben Tennyson in existence. Soon enough, Eon is defeated when Jetray destroys the Hands of Armageddon, causing all of the timelines Eon altered to be restored to normal.

Heroes United

Ben was at a celebrity gig when a strange storm picked him up and dumped him into Rex's world, where he mistook Rex Salazar for an alien attempting to destroy Bellwood. However, he was also mistaken for an EVO, who Rex tried to cure, but both found that they were not what the other thought they were.

"Captured", Ben was taken back to Rex's with an unconscious Agent Six following a battle with an unknown enemy he had been chasing through the storm. While in the base, Ben learned of what was going on in that world, becoming confused by some facts, but generally grasping things are not going good.

Deciding to team up with Rex, Ben met Caesar, Rex' brother and learned that he had banished the Alpha nanite to the Null Void, thinking it was an empty dimension when in reality it's a prison for alien criminals.

Together, Rex and Ben teamed up to defeat Alpha. With Caesar's help, Ben entered the Null Void as a stop on the way back home, using Murk Upchuck to dump Alpha into the Null Void.

Store 23

Ben Tennyson meets Ben 23 in the 23rd Dimension in Store 23, after accidentally entering Dimension 23 through Blarney T. Hokestar's interdimensional branch of Mr. Smoothy. Ben 23 proved to be a braggart and show-off who preferred to use his alien forms for publicity instead of altruism, and even gave Ben a few of his tips for crowd-pleasing. It's eventually revealed that the Intellectuary was the 23rd dimension's Azmuth and would have killed Ben 23 if not for Ben Prime's intervention. Ben 23 admitted that due to the death of his Grandpa Max, he ended up using fame and fortune to fill the void Max had left behind. His dimension's Azmuth consoled Ben 23, acknowledging that he had suffered greatly due to Max's death and promised to guide him well in his place.

And Then There Were None

In And Then There Were None, Eon joined forces with Vilgax to, as Eon believed, create an army of evil Omnitrix-wielders under Vilgax's control, which Eon achieved through gathering an army of evil Ben Tennysons from all across the multiverse and destroying those among the alternate Bens who refused to join. After Vilgax and Eon had five evil versions of Ben- Albedo, Bad Ben, Mad Ben, Benzarro, and Nega Ben- under their control, they went to the No Watch Timeline, with Eon and the evil Bens intending to destroy No Watch Ben since his reality's lack of an Omnitrix made it an unpredictable temporal wildcard. Paradox learns that Eon and Vilgax are abducting and brainwashing alternate Bens into serving them. He and Ben Prime travel to No Watch Ben's timeline, and are surprised that there is no Omnitrix in that Universe. They are confronted by Vilgax and Eon's evil Bens, who are countered by several alternate Bens. The evil alternate Bens partake in an all out battle rumble between them along with Ben 10,000, Gwen 10, and Ben 23.

Vilgax reveals his true plan is to wipe out every Ben of every dimension, minus No Watch Ben, and that includes Eon and the evil Bens as well. Using a Chronosapien Time Bomb, Vilgax wipes out all other Bens and their timelines. He then sets his sights on No Watch Ben, but he is saved by Paradox. Fortunately, before Ben Prime faded away, his Omnitrix was transferred onto No Watch Ben, and with guidance from Paradox, intends to fix all reality with it.

And Then There Was Ben

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After all Bens and their timelines were vanished from the existence, Paradox and No Watch Ben goes to the nowhere in the space and time now they have the mission to restore the multiverse, for start they goes to the Prime timeline in the Vilgax's Ship.

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Ben World

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Crossover Nexus

n Crossover Nexus, at some point Ben is summoned to the Nexus Realm by Strike. Ben manages to get away from Strike (who wants to X him), and runs around the city avoiding him, alongside Garnet. Soon another hero who reveals himself to be K.O., is saved by Garnet. Ben runs over and finds cover for them.

They later meet Raven, and making it to Strike's lair, K.O. takes Strike's pen and gives everyone their powers back. Ben gets his Omnitrix back and transforms back to human. The four attack Strike. Ben tries to transform into an alien, however he transforms into Jake the Dog and Prohyas Warrior. K.O. tells Ben that the Omnitrix was made with Strike's power, and he has the power to summon any hero into the world. Ben gets where he's going. K.O. uses his powerfist and launches Ben into Strike, transforming into multiple Cartoon Network Heroes from across the multiverse, ending the punch with Finn the Human. Garnet then programs the Pen to fix the city, and undo Strike's mayhem. Raven then creates a portal for them to all go home.

Alien X-Tinction

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Alien X has been traveling across the Multiverse, collecting different Omnitrixes. He visits Maximilian Tennyson's Dimension, and kills his Ben. This sets Maximilian out for revenge.

Maximilian soon visits the Reboot's Dimension. He explains to them the existence of Alien X, and the Omniverse.

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  • Duncan Rouleau confirms that the reboot is a canon dimension within the classic continuity.[DR 1] Their connection was first hinted by Duncan when asked if the Reboot is an alternate timeline from the Classic Continuity.[DR 2]
  • Duncan claims that the four alternate Bens featured in Alien X-Tinction are the same as the Ben Prime from the previous four series.[DR 3] However, there are subtle differences between the Bens compared to their Classic counterparts, such as Ultimate Alien Ben wearing his Ultimatrix backwards. And while this is likely an error it is never stated whether or not Maximillian or Alien Force Ben's device can travel through time. As such it is open to interpretation as to whether or not they are Ben Prime. This wiki however, considers them separate characters who are based on the Bens from the series they represent.
  • There is only one Null Void shared across the Multiverse.[DJW 1]
  • There is only one Ledgerdomain that all the alternate universes access.[DJW 2]
  • Generally, the video game/comic book timelines aren't canon because they have to have an internal thematic core that binds them. The comics and video game work hasn’t always drawn from canon and are so disparate from each other it would be difficult to find the connective tissue that would provide that common core.[DR 5]


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