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Alpha Squad is a Plumber team that boasted about how they could never be beaten until they were defeated by Gwen, Kevin, Tack and Ben (as Diamondhead). Unlike other Plumbers their costumes are red with white circles instead of their costumes being white with red circles. In the episode Basic Training, they are rivals with Ben's team during a Plumber combat training practice.

In The Frogs of War: Part 1, the Alpha Squad was part of Earth's first and last line of defense when the Incurseans invaded the planet.

Powers and Abilities

They're shown to have no powers, though they are very skilled in hostage situations when they are the villains. They're shown to be quite stealthy as they were able to sneak up on Gwen, Kevin, and Tack before they were distracted by Ben's kamikaze-like attack.

Notable Members