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Once I acquire this abundant supply of fauna, I shall combine their DNA to form the most powerful mutants and take over the world!

– Dr. Animo's evil plans.[3]

Doctor Aloysius Animo is one of Ben's enemies, a mad scientist obsessed with genetic experiments on humans and animals.


In the first two seasons, his appearance is similar to his classic counterpart appearance, only with minor changes such as his skin no longer having the greenish tint. His outfit is mostly the same, except that he doesn't have the head gear with the antennae.

As of The Chupaca-bro, Animo has mutated himself into a chimera humanoid with upper body and arms of an ape, frog legs, and a fish fin on his back. He wears a red glass dome helmet with wire/tubs attached on it connected to the mechanical belt. The belt has three circle bolts above a red hexagon. He has metal wristbands and one bolt on each shoulder.

When he absorbed essence from goats, he grew horns with gill-like markings on his collar bone, horns on the back, claws on his ape fingers, monstrous goat legs and a long tail with small spikes at the tip of the tail.

In Chicken In Chichen Itza, Part 1: Pyramid Scheme, he gave himself six transparent dark red bat wings on his back, three on the left and three on the right.


Dr. Animo is a stereotypically insane mad scientist with delusions of grandeur. His aim in life is to live up to his father's legacy.[1] He also desires to be the most important person on Earth, and wants people to notice him. This often leads to him announcing his evil schemes, secretly wanting to be caught.[4]

Dr. Animo is a huge fan of Mary Jo's work, citing her as one of his inspirations behind his most successful experiments.[5]



At some point, Dr. Animo established a farm operated by a group of mutant animals he had created known as the Alphas.[3]

Ben 10[]

At some point during the beginning of the summer, Animo encountered Team Tennyson.

In Something I Ate, Animo sent Slurpstack to steal all of the gold in the Laughlin Mint. However, while giving orders, his drone was eaten by Slurpstack. Inside Slurpstack, he met up with Max and Grey Matter, and explained his scheme to them. After Slurpstack regurgitated the three, Gwen crushed his drone.


Animo taunting Max

In Forgeti, Animo ran into Team Tennyson by chance while he was capturing animals for his experiments. He kidnapped Max, and took him to his underground lair. Although Grey Matter was able to trap Animo's mutant servant, Gil, Animo had captured Gwen, and threatened to mutate her with animal DNA. At the last minute, he was stopped by the Forgeti, though he and Team Tennyson forgot about what happened.

In The Beast Inside, Animo used his newest invention, a ray gun referred to as the Animerger, to mutate Lester into a hyena at State University. He tried to use it on Max, accidentally mutated himself. Ben and Gwen were able to revert him by showing him a picture of his father, and he was subsequently arrested.

In Omni-Tricked: Part 1, Animo sent his Teramite to activate Mount Megalodon, so he could hold Portland for ransom. However, Ben was able to use Gax to defeat the Teramite, foiling his plans.

In Can I Keep It?, he sent the Cadobbit to befriend Ben. Later at night, Animo activated a chip on its ear that would make it transform into a beastly form and attack Ben. Omni-Enhanced Grey Matter was able to remove the chip from the Cadobbit, reverting it. Although he threatened to mutate Ben with his Animerger, he had monologued for so long that the Omnitrix timed back in, forcing Animo to retreat.


Animo transforms himself

In Animorphosis, Animo teamed up with Vilgax to extract DNA from the Omnitrix. After Animo used his gun to collect the DNA, Vilgax double-crossed him. Reluctantly, he joined forces with Ben to take down their common enemy, and the two snuck back into Animo's laboratory. While Omni-Enhanced Overflow combatted Vilgax and his drones, Animo retrieved his DNA gun and used it on himself, transforming into an Appoplexian. The two teamed up to defeat Vilgax, although he was able to escape from the wreckage of Animo's lab. Animo shifted his focus to Ben, but quickly reverted back to his original human form. Ben reluctantly helped both of them get down by calling 911.

In Chicken Nuggets of Wisdom, Animo flew on his Mutant Bat peacefully, until Ben, as Heatblast, accidentally threw a fireball at him. Enraged, Animo came down from above and transformed Max into a chicken. He sent his Mutant Bat after Ben, while he chased Gwen. Gwen was able to distract him by making him open up about his mental issues. He eventually caught on to her ruse, and tried to turn her into a chicken, only to be crushed by his Mutant Bat. Though he was arrested, he was happy he had made a breakthrough in therapy.

At some point prior to The Chupaca-bro, Animo broke out of jail and created a hulking body for himself with the genetic material of the world's most fearsome animals.

In The Chupaca-bro, to complete his transformation, he was sucking the essence out of a village's goats, while local villagers believed the culprit was the "Chupacabra". He attempted to distract Ben as Rath by transforming a local goat, Pequeno Fofinho, into a monster, while he continued to suck the essence from other goats. His plan succeeded, giving him goat-like features on his body. However, he was stopped by the remaining goats, the villagers, and Shock Rock. Fofinho reverted him from his goat form, and he was chased out of the village by the healed goats.

Some time following Roundabout: Part 2, through unknown means, Animo retrieved Kevin from the Forever Knight's time portal. He promised Kevin he would help upgrade the Antitrix, but he instead stole the DNA matrix, and used it to mutate different animals with the alien DNA.

MIYH (837)

Animo fighting Omni-Kix Humungousaur

In The Monsters in Your Head, Ben and Kevin encountered Animo in a secret compound, while Gwen and Max were separated from them. He attacked Ben and Kevin with his new army, but they were all freed from his mind-control collars by Shock Rock and Dark Matter. Animo then took control of Kevin using the Antitrix, and used him to capture Ben. However, he was then dogpiled by his former army of animals, led by Max and Gwen. Animo retreated from the compound, screaming.

In Chicken In Chichen Itza, Part 1: Pyramid Scheme, Animo visited Chichen Itza, where he used a boa constrictor and a chicken to create a Quetzalcoatl, which then attacked Team Tennyson and Mary Jo. Just as they were about to remove its mind-control collar, Animo interrupted them and captured Ben. Mary Jo offered herself in exchange for Ben, which caused Animo to realize who she was. Citing her as one of his biggest inspirations, he kidnapped her and flew away on the Quetzalcoatl. During an aerial battle with Jetray, Animo and the Quetzalcoatl collided, defeating them both. Animo was then arrested.

In Rekoil, Animo used his mind-control collar on King Koil and they attacked Friends Fur You, so Animo could gather more animals to experiment on. Ben and Gwen were able to convince King Koil to fight against the mind-control device, and go after Animo. He ran out of the building as King Koil chased after him.

Powers and Abilities[]

Animo is a brilliant scientist with a knack for both engineering and genetic manipulation, the latter of which surpasses even Vilgax's skills.[2]

Since obtaining his chimera body, Animo has possessed enhanced strength and durability. He is surprisingly agile in this form, bounding between trees while fighting Omni-Kix Humungousaur.[6] Animo has also utilized three pairs of semi-transparent bat wings to fly.[5]

While in the form of an Appoplexian, Animo shared many of the same powers as Rath.[2]


Animo was equipped with the Animerger, which was capable of combining human and animal DNA. He would later use an unnamed DNA gun in its place, which served a similar purpose.

Animo has utilized mind-control collars to keep his animal servants in line.[6][3] Similarly, he used a chip to control the Cadobbit[7] and an echolocation device he focused his thoughts onto to control the Mutant Bat.[4]

The machinery covering Animo's new body allowed him to suck the essence out of goats, "raisining" them. It could also transfer the essence to other goats.[8]


Animo's biggest weaknesses are his temper, arrogance and all-around crazy behavior.

Animo has been known to miscalculate, as some of his mutated animals turned out weak and useless, namely the Accidentals.

Animo's chimera body makes it harder for him to fit through human-sized spaces.[3]


Ben 10[]

Season 1[]

Season 2[]

Season 3[]

Season 4[]

Video Games[]

Minecraft: Ben 10[]

Dr. Animo is a villain in the game.


His name comes from the word 'animal' as his powers are animal-related.


  • Unlike his Classic Counterpart, he cannot telepathically control his animals/mutations. However, his mutations in the reboot series are intelligent, can understand what Animo speaks and most of them can even speak (for example the Alphas and the Accidentals). Therefore, Dr. Animo orders them by plain speech instead of telepathy and they obey his orders.
    • There are also mutations that are independent and do not obey him, such as the Ground Hawg Gang.
  • So far, Dr. Animo is the only character from the Original Series to not have been re-cast. He has retained his voice actor in all four series in the Classic Continuity as well as the reboot.
  • Animo's mutated body resembles his Future self, except instead of being all ape, it's half aquatic species.


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