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Dr. Aloysius James Animo is the future version of Dr. Animo. He first appeared in Animo Crackers.


Dr. Animo has his head held in a dome of water and attached to the body of an albino gorilla. His body has white fur with purple skin with giant claws on his feet. He has red eyes, one of which is mechanical. He also still has his pale green skin and white hair with black eyes. His brain is exposed in a smaller dome has two antennae poking out from the bigger dome of water. He has three bolts on each hand and a backbone-type tube on his back.


Animo's personality hasn't changed much over the years, as he is just as egomaniacal as he was back in his original body. He doesn't talk to stuffed animals as he did in the past.

However, as shown in Animo Crackers, Animo is somewhat forgetful and has a tendency to incessantly argue with his past self, even blaming him for the circumstances that reduced him to being a head in a jar. Furthermore, the trauma of losing his body has affected him somewhat.

Overall, Animo is still considered a power-hungry madman; however, he did seem to possess some semblance of humanity, as when he learned of Max's retirement, he seemed genuinely saddened and remarked that it "won't be the same without [him]", though this is questionable, as later, upon being freed by Subdora, he didn't hesitate to attack him in an attempt to make his retirement "permanent".



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In The End of an Era, Animo breaks into Ben 10,000's headquarters and uses his chronoporter to travel back in time.

In Animo Crackers, Animo meets the present Animo and works with him to defeat Ben. He reveals that the loss of his original body had been a traumatic experience, and it was due to his past self's mistake. He tells his past self that they have to get the A.R.C. Project, so they could create an army of mutants together. However, they were defeated by Gutrot, after Animo accidentally told him how to use his powers. He was recaptured after being given memory loss and taken back to the future by Spanner.

After being brought back by Spanner, Animo is escorted to the Plumbers' satellite. When he hears Max is retiring, Animo remarks that the place won't be the same without him. Later, Subdora opens his cell door as distraction, and he attacks Max. After a short battle, Max manages to remove Animo's jar from his gorilla body. Animo laments that he needs to reinforce his neck bolts and is once again put back to his cell.

Powers and Abilities

Animo has all the scientific knowledge of his past self, in addition to whatever technical knowledge and equipment he gained in the future.

Animo's antennae has been modified to not only control lesser animals, but also send out an energy pulse that can instantly mutate them.

Animo's gorilla body grants him increased strength and agility.


On his arms are several canisters in which Animo stores pre-mutated beasts in stasis, which can be ejected for use or to attack his enemies.

Animo's head is surrounded by a protective dome and a vent. By closing this vent, he becomes immune to Gutrot's gas attacks.


Like his past self, Animo's arrogance and over-confidence still continues to be his downfall. His periodic bouts of forgetfulness can make him overlook certain details.

Though the dome surrounding his head affords him some protection, it is not indestructible and will crack with enough force. Damaging the dome will make him susceptible to gas attacks.

Separating his head from his body can leave Animo very vulnerable and a lot easier to trap.


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