Alien of the Month is a show from Cartoonnetwork Asia, Brazil etc. It is a show how to know your Alien. The
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January Alien is Water Hazard, The February Alien is Ultimate Spidermonkey, The March Alien is Terraspin and The April Alien is Ultimate Humungousaur showing a pattern of Aggregor prisoner/Ultimate form/Aggregor prisonor/Ultimate form.

January Alien: Water Hazard

thumb|250px|left|Water HazardMain Article: Water Hazard

Water Hazard hails from the Andromeda Galaxy that far away! And with his super strong stream of water he can wash away any dirty evil dooer. Plus with a tough armor exo-skeleton this guy can take a tidal wave of assaults and still come ready to dive in to action. But be warned yet if this guys steamed and you'll get in hot water fast.

February Alien: Ultimate Spidermonkey

Main Article: Ultimate Spidermonkeythumb|right|250px|Ultimate Spidermonkey

This big bruiser isn't monkeying around when it comes frome brude force but he knows all about the bashing. With his creppy spider-limbs he can gracefully bounce past the baddies like a giant bouncing ballerina. And dont forget that grab bad enough to make any gorilla proud and sticky enough to get wrapped up in a jif. Spidermonkey because Spidermonkey just wasnt ugly enough.

March Alien: Terraspin

thumb|left|250px|Terraspin Main Article: Terraspin

This big guy comes from Aldabra a peaceful planet with grassy rolling hills boring. Becareful, he may not bite but his bark will blow you away. Terraspin can transform into a super spinning saucer generating gale force winds. But dont let his hard exterior fool you, this guy is warm and fuzzy on the inside.

April Alien: Ultimate Humungousaur

Main Article: Ultimate Humungousaur

thumb|right|250px|Ultimate Humungousaur

If you thought that Humungousaur was humungous then you don't know your alien, because Ultimate Humungousaur is the real big boy on the block. Spiky Shell on the back, Mean looking grin on the front, Plus the hole hand full of missiles in his well, hand. He has a face that only a mom could love, speaking of love I wonder what she looks likes? Yikes.

May Alien: ???

Main Article: ???


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