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Playtime is over. Ben is finished in this dimension, as he will be in all others.

– Alien X.[1]

Alien X is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Celestialsapien from the Forge of Creation.


Alien X is a humanoid alien whose entire body is solid black, excluding his hands, which are white. He has tiny white star-like spots all over his body, giving him the appearance of a starry night sky. He has glowing green eyes with no pupils, and his forehead bears three horn-like protrusions.

Alien X wears the Omnitrix symbol on the right side of his chest.

Alien X kept Omnitrices he stole from alternate dimensions in his body. In addition to his own, he had three on each arm, one on both shoulders, and one on the left side of his chest, bringing the total to ten. After stealing Ben's Omnitrix, Alien X gained an eleventh symbol on the lower center of his chest. After his final battle, Alien X lost all of the Omnitrices he stole.

Powers and abilities

Alien X is extremely strong, being able casually thrash around an Arburian Pelarota and break free of ice generated by a Necrofriggian.[1] His pure Celestialsapien DNA makes him more powerful than Alien V, whose DNA is diluted due to being a fusion.[DR 1]

Alien X is nigh invulnerable, being able to easily withstanding anything from a multitude of alien attacks.[1]

Alien X has superhuman reflexes and agility, as he can fight on-par and dodge an Appoplexian's attacks.[1]

Alien X can shapeshift, allowing him to form weapons from his limbs.[1]

Alien X can project powerful laser beams from his eyes and hands. These lasers are also capable of incapacitating other species and leaving humans in an immobilized yet disassembled state.[1]

Alien X possesses telekinesis[2] and can teleport.[3][1]

Alien X has terrakinetic abilities that can be used in unison with his telekinesis, as he can make large pieces of rocks emerge from the ground by raising his hand upward and lift boulders into the air.[1]

Alien X can open dimensional portals to help him travel through the Omniverse.[4][1]

Alien X is able to disintegrate objects that get close to him.

Alien X is able to easily remove Omnitrixes from the users' arm. He is then able to store the Omnitrixes in his body.

Alien X has the ability to grow to a gigantic size, as demonstrated by Alien V.[5]

Alien X can cause massive storms to appear and terraform a planet with his presence, as demonstrated by Alien V.[5]

Alien X can survive and cause timeline destruction.[DR 2]


In order for Alien X to perform any action, including simple movement and transforming back, all of his personalities must agree to do so.

Alien X's actions onto reality can be neutralized and reversed by the intervention of other Celestialsapiens.

While he is nigh invulnerable, Alien X can only take so much damage unless his personalities can amplify his durability even further.

Unless his personalities can render them useless, Alien X will be left vulnerable against a Pyronite's fire blasts, a Crystalsapien's ultraviolet beams, and an Amperi's electricity.[1]

The Omnitrixes that Alien X stores in his body can easily be removed by others just by pulling it out.


Ben 10

  • In Ben 10 Versus the Universe: The Movie, Vilgax transformed into Alien V using Alien X's DNA, the Antitrix, and the Omnitrix Key.
  • Prior to Alien X-Tinction, Evil Ben turned into Alien X after shattering the Omnitrix as Four Arms and remained in that form. From there, he began traveling throughout the Omniverse, hunting down his alternate counterparts and collecting their Omnitrixes.
  • Alien X first appeared in Alien X-Tinction, where he obtained the Omnitrix of the Road Trip Without Gwen Dimension before arriving in the Reboot Timeline. After defeating Ben as various aliens, Alien X obtained his Omnitrix. However, Ben eventually reclaimed his Omnitrix with the help of his family and their counterparts, who also retrieved the other Omnitrixes Alien X stole. Down to just his original Omnitrix, Alien X was defeated by Four Arms and handcuffed by Omniverse Bloxx before finally reverting.


Ben 10

Season 5


Alien X's name is made up of "alien", a reference to him being an extraterrestrial life form, as well as a transformation, and "X", the roman numeral for 10, which refers to his mysteriousness.[6][1]


  • Duncan Rouleau had previously hinted that Alien X might appear in the reboot, albeit sparingly if at all.[DR 3] Alien X's existence in the Omnitrix was confirmed.[DR 4][DR 5]
  • The reason for Alien X not appearing earlier was that Alien X was too powerful for most of the stories being told.[DR 5]
  • Alien X's design in the reboot is a stylized version of his Classic Continuity counterpart's appearance in Alien Force and Ultimate Alien but with the Omnitrix symbol being repositioned to the right side of his chest and several additional symbols on his shoulders, wrists, and chest.
  • While as Alien X, Evil Ben sometimes refers to himself in first person plural using phrases like "we are infinite" and "now it is our turn", which may be referring to Alien X's other personalities. However, he mostly uses first-person singular: "I am your fate" and "My victory is inevitable"
  • Strangely, despite entering Maximilian's dimension with nine Omnitrixes and managing to kill many alternate Bens including Maximilian's, Alien X is seen with only nine Omnitrix symbols when he enters the Road Trip Without Gwen Dimension.


Duncan Rouleau

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