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We're the most powerful being in the universe. We change the very nature of space and time.


Alien X is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Celestialsapien[4][2] from the Forge of Creation.[5][2]


Alien X is a humanoid alien whose entire body is solid black, excluding his hands, which are white. He has tiny white star-like spots all over his body, giving him the appearance of a starry night sky. His eyes are green and lack pupils, and his forehead bears three horn-like protrusions.

In Omniverse, Alien X is largely the same as before, but with minor changes. His chin is now bigger, his body is more muscular, his horns are smaller, and the stars on his body are brighter than before.

Alien X wears the original Omnitrix/Ultimatrix/Omnitrix symbol on his chest.


SLaTfAtS (574)

Bellicus, Serena, and Ben, the three personalities of Alien X

"We are one of the most powerful beings in the universe."
we are the most deliberative."

– Serena and Bellicus.[3]

Alien X has three personalities: Serena, the "voice of love and compassion", Bellicus, the "voice of rage and aggression", and Ben, the "voice of reason".[3] All three of these voices combine to form Alien X's speech. Otherwise, Alien X is silent. The only things he will say are what he will be doing - what Ben, Bellicus, and Serena have agreed to do.

As Serena and Bellicus have been arguing for eternity and before they had no tiebreaker, getting them to focus on any present task is difficult at best. This leaves Alien X's body trapped in place until an agreement is made.

Powers and Abilities

Alien X is able to warp reality, time, and space with ease and at any level he wishes.[note 2] Even his thoughts can become real. In short, Alien X can do anything,[6][2] such as creating and recreating an entire universe at will.[7]

Alien X is nearly invulnerable, as he was completely unharmed when the Annihilarrgh destroyed the universe around him.[7] This is because the Annihilarrgh affected only the universe. As for Celestialsapiens, rather than being born out of the universe, they are entities separate from it.[2] Alien X is also capable of containing the explosion of an Annihilarrgh, demonstrated by Skurd when he used Alien X's DNA to create an arm for Ben's aliens to contain the big bang.[8][note 3]

Alien X can create time waves to reverse events in a specific area[3] and energy vortexes to suck in other beings such as another Celestialsapien.[9]

Alien X possesses telekinesis and mind control. He also is capable of deflecting energy attacks, such as those generated by a Prypiatosian-B.[10]

Alien X has the ability to shapeshift, teleport, generate force fields and alter his size; these feats were demonstrated by the Galactic Gladiator.[9] Alien X is also capable of self-duplication.[9]

Alien X can regenerate his limbs should they be severed,[DJW 3] as demonstrated by the Galactic Gladiator.[9]

Alien X can levitate and fly at high speeds.[2][9]

Alien X possesses superhuman strength, being able to effortlessly destroy large planets.[9]

Alien X can survive in the vacuum of space.[9] Additionally, his body is rigid, as no outside force except for other Celestialsapiens can make it move.[3][9]

Alien X can survive a timeline destruction.[DR 1]

Alien X is capable of effortlessly piercing through the Contumelia's extradimensional field.[8] Alien X is also capable of generating miniature black holes, as demonstrated by Atomic-X.[11][TP 1]

Alien X possesses X-ray vision, meaning he can see through objects such as a mountain.[DJW 3]


"His duel consciousness must deliberate and reach an agreement before Alien X can do anything."
"How long will that take?"
"Eternity, give or take a few eons."

Starbeard and Rook.[9]

In order for Alien X to perform any action, including simple movement and transforming back, all three of his personalities must agree to do so.[note 4] This has proven to be a major weakness, as Serena and Bellicus were not interested in dealing with present affairs and wanted to finish past ones that were not possible to deal with without Ben. In Omniverse, Ben still needs to consult Bellicus and Serena to get control, he is just better at it now.[DJW 4][DJW 5]

Alien X's reality warping capabilities have a limit, as Alien X was unable to reverse the destruction of the universe caused by the Annihilarrgh,[4][12] which forced Ben to remake the universe instead.[7] Alien X's powers also may either be limited to the basic cosmic laws of other universes or may not work depending on the universe.[DJW 6] It also depends on whether his internal astronomy is compatible enough with the universe he's in.[DJW 7]

Alien X's actions onto reality can be neutralized and reversed by the intervention of other Celestialsapiens.[9][MoA 1]

Alien X cannot manipulate mana directly because he would first have to alter the universe to change the nature of mana.[MW 2]

Alien X's cosmic powers do not work well against magic and a magic spell could cancel his powers.[DJW 8][DJW 9]

Ben can be forced to revert back from Alien X by Professor Paradox[2] and the DNA Scanner.[DJW 10]

Alien X is vulnerable to having his powers absorbed by Osmosians[6][2] and entities with similar powers such as Darkstar.[13][14]

Alien X's life force can be drained by a Vladat.[DJW 11] He also cannot survive on Anur Vladias.[DJW 12]

Alien X can be devoured by a Gourmand, who would either digest him or spit him back out.[DJW 13]

Alien X can be affected by a Nemuina's sleeping dust.[DJW 14]

Alien X's personalities can be scared by Toepick's species.[DJW 15]


Alien Force

  • Alien X first appeared in X = Ben + 2, where he stopped a flood caused by a broken dam. After much fruitless arguing, Ben convinces Serena and Bellicus to transform him into another alien (mostly by insulting them). Ben swore that he won't use Alien X again, as it is not worth the price.

Ultimate Alien


Alternate Timeline

  • In Ben 10,000 Returns, Negative Alien X was mentioned by Professor Paradox when speaking of an alternate timeline in which Albedo turned into said transformation and was trapped motionless for nearly a year.


Season 1

Season 2
Season 3

Season 1
Season 6
Season 8
Season 8
  • A New Dawn (x2; second time was an off-screen activation)

Alien Force

Alien Force
Ultimate Alien

Video Games

Alien X using his powers

Alien X in Vilgax Attacks

Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks

Alien X appears in the game, but only in the cutscenes for the Xbox 360, Wii, PS2, and PSP versions. He is not a playable alien, being replaced by Cannonbolt or Murk Upchuck in the DS version.

Online Games


The Alien X Nano was chosen to be added in a gauntlet showdown where the fans voted for what alien they wanted to become to the next Nano in FusionFall, with Alien X ultimately winning the vote. In the beginning of the game, beginners could go to the Petting Zoo to defeat Fusion Ben and earn Alien X. Also, Level 4 players and up players could type in a special code to get it for free.

Powers and Abilities

  • Celestial Light (Snare - Target Area): Healing light bathes all nearby allies.
  • Black Hole (Recall - Self): Alien X creates a small black hole to slow foes near the target.
  • Reality Fade (Health - Self Area): Alter Reality to warp to a Recall Point in an Infected Zone.

Project Exonaut

Alien X is a playable Exosuit of the Atlas Brigade on Project Exonaut. He is available for purchase at Level 20 for 1000 coins. His Weapon Mod, similar to Ultimate Swampfire's, decreases the Marksman's clips to three shots, but greatly increases the firing rate, speed, accuracy, and damage.

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Albanian Alien X From the original English name
Arabic الفضائي اكس Alfadaaiy Ax/Alfadae Iks, Alien X
Bulgarian Извънземно Хикс From Извънземно, alien and Хикс, the Bulgarian pronunciation of letter X
Burmese All-knowing
Chinese X超人 From X and 超人 (Chāo Rén), Superman
French Alien X From the original name
German Alien X From the original name
Greek Εξωγήνος Χ From Εξωγήνος, alien. Pronounced as eksoginos
Hungarian X lény From X, and lény, creature
Italian Alienics From alien and ics, the Italian pronunciation of letter X
Polish Obcy X From obcy, alien, and X
Portuguese (Br) Alien X From the original name
Portuguese (Eu) Alienígena X From alienígena, alien.
Romanian Extraterestrul X From extraterestru, alien, and X
Russian Герой Х
Супергерой Икс
Икс Герой
From герой/geroy, hero and X
From cупергерой/supergeroy, superhero and X
From cупергерой/supergeroy, superhero and X
Serbian Ванземаљац Икс/Vanzemaljac Iks From ванземаљац/Vanzemaljac, alien, and Iks, the Serbian pronunciation of letter X
Spanish (HA) Alien X
Alienígena X
Extraterrestre X (Universe vs. Tennyson and Weapon XI: Part 1)
From the original name; pronounced /'alɪɛn 'ɛkɪs/.
From alienígena, alien and X.
From extraterrestre, extraterrestrial and X.
Spanish (Spain) Alien X From the original name
Swedish Alien X From the original name
Turkish Uzaylı X from Alien X


Alien X's name is made up of "alien", a reference to him being an extraterrestrial life form, as well as a transformation, and "X", the roman numeral for 10, which refers to both his mysteriousness and the fact that he is Ben's tenth alien in Alien Force. "X" is also used as an unknown variable, which references how Alien X's appearance and powers were kept secret until his debut.


  • Ben, Azmuth, and Professor Paradox all acknowledge that Alien X is the most powerful being in the Omnitrix.[2]
    • However, Ben has conceded that transforming into Alien X is not worth the cost, as the risk is simply too great for him to use the transformation.[3][merch 3] Simply put, Alien X is too much of a pain for Ben to use unless there is no other option.[DJW 16]
  • Sometime between the events of The Final Battle: Part 2 and The Forge of Creation, Ben had had the Ultimatrix modified to lock Alien X, to both prevent himself from accidentally transforming into him and as a safety measure to keep someone like Albedo from using it. The only way to access Alien X was to use a pair of keys in Gwen and Kevin's possession. This is not the case for the new Omnitrix, in which Alien X is accessible without any keys, as the threat of Albedo turning into Alien X has been neutralized because Albedo can transform into aliens that Ben had unlocked in the Ultimatrix prior to Double or Nothing,[DJW 17][DJW 18] which did not include Alien X.
  • In Andreas' Fault, a fan of Ben referred to the Alien X smoothie as a disappointment as well as saying it tastes like "filler". This is a reference to the fan reactions to Alien X at the time.
  • In A Jolt From the Past, Rook spoke of Alien X, but believed he was just a rumor. Ben tried to convince him that Alien X is real, but Rook didn't believe him and asked Ben to transform and show him, which Ben refused.
  • In Universe vs. Tennyson, Ben offered to let the two personalities argue between themselves for eternity if they gave him full control over Alien X. Serena agrees, followed by an initially reluctant Bellicus, giving Ben full control over Alien X. This was seen again in Weapon XI: Part 1.
  • In many promotional images and the openings to Alien Force and Ultimate Alien, Alien X is posing dramatically. This is ironic, considering that he is frozen in an upright position for most of the time in the series proper.
  • Alien X was the first alien introduced in Alien Force and Ultimate Alien to not be voiced by Dee Bradley Baker; the second being Rath.
  • During the first half of Season 1 of Alien Force, the opening of the show only displayed a silhouette of Alien X because he was meant to be a surprise alien. However, part of his face could be seen on the bottom right of the screen. After X = Ben + 2, the intro began showing Alien X's full image.
  • Alien X's starred body is not simply "aesthetic". Like all Celestialsapiens, Alien X contains his own "debate dimension", which exists inside his head.[DM 3]
    • This explains how Paradox was able to travel inside Alien X and speak to Ben whilst he was arguing with Bellicus and Serena before reversing the transformation.[2][DM 4]
    • However, Derrick J. Wyatt believed that it is actually a visual interpretation of what is happening mentally.[DJW 19]
  • Much like his birthplace, Alien X exists outside the universe (i.e. time and space). Beings existing outside time and space are simultaneously everywhere and nowhere at the same time.[DR 2]
    • This also implies that since Ben Prime and Ben 10,000 share the same Celestialsapien DNA in their Omnitrices, the Alien X transformation used by them is the same Alien X, not just genetically, but literally.[DR 2]
  • Albedo's Bellicus and Serena would appear red.[DJW 20]
  • Alien X had concept art drawn by Eric Canete,[EC 1] whereas his final design was created by Glenn Wong, with color styling by Chris Hooten.[GW 1]
  • The original plan for Alien X had him with two faces talking to represent two personalities in one body. However, because of animation challenges and the fact that Alien X has one male and one female personality, which was not reflected by the faces, the idea was scrapped.[GM 1]
  • Originally, Dwayne McDuffie believed that Alien X was not the most powerful alien in the Omnitrix.[DM 5] This has been retconned in Ultimate Alien, where it is revealed that Celestialsapiens possess the greatest power in the universe.[2][1]
  • When asked if he wished he could change one of his Omniverse designs, Derrick stated that he would probably give Alien X clothes.[DJW 21] His clothes would look similar to those of Parasite from Superman: The Animated Series.[DJW 22]


  1. It was previously stated that Celestialsapiens come from Zvezda.[merch 1] In Ultimate Alien, this has been retconned in two ways:[1]
    • Firstly, Celestialsapiens are revealed to come from the Forge of Creation.[2]
    • Secondly, Zvezda is stated to not officially exist.[DM 1]
  2. 2.0 2.1 There has been much debate between fans as to if Alien X (and Celestialsapiens by extension) is to be considered omnipotent or nigh-omnipotent. Given that any thought of Alien X can be converted to reality, by definition Alien X is all-powerful and thus is omnipotent. Furthermore, Alien X has been stated to be omnipotent by Azmuth and Professor Paradox,[2] as well as by crew members such as Dwayne McDuffie[DM 2] and Matt Wayne.[MW 1] While his physical form does have weaknesses, they can be eliminated at any moment by a resolution of his personalities. His actions being reverted by other Celestialsapiens, and him being harmed because of the time it takes for the personalities to agree to defend themselves is a practical limitation on Alien X. In theory, he has all possible power, as there is no thought that cannot be converted into reality. Yet, due to the aforementioned limitations, some fans consider him to be nigh-omnipotent. The discretion is left to the reader to decide which category to put Alien X in.
  3. Following his reversion from Chromastone, Ben is depicted without a Celestialsapien arm formed by Skurd. This persists through the mass transformation sequence, which is also missing Skurd. After Feedback reverts back to Ben, he has a Celestialsapien arm (now on the opposite side), which a shot makes a point to show Skurd reverting. Due to the rushed production of season 8 of Omniverse,[DJW 1][DJW 2] as well as the logistical cost of making new model sheets for aliens with a Celestialsapien arm and Skurd's disappearance during the transformation sequence, the wiki considers the Celestialsapien arm seen on Ben afterwards to be a contributing factor towards Feedback's ability to contain and redirect the Annihilarrgh's energy.
  4. In Alien Force and Ultimate Alien, Ben served as the tiebreaker for Alien X's personalities. If two of the personalities agreed on something, the motion was carried.[3][2] This has been altered in Omniverse, as all three personalities must agree.[7][9][1]


Crew Statements

Dwayne McDuffie

Matt Wayne

Derrick J. Wyatt

Man of Action

Duncan Rouleau

Eric Canete

Glenn Wong

Glen Murakami

Thomas Perkins


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