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Yes! I feel the power coursing through my being! INFINITE POWER! Behold the power of the Antitrix fully unleashed! I am the ultimate being! Unmatched! Unstoppable!

– Alien V.

Alien V (alternatively known as Mega Vilgax)[1] is the Antitrix's hybridization of Vilgax (a Chimera Sui Generis) and Celestialsapien DNA.[DR 1] He could only be accessed when Vilgax inserted the Omnitrix Key into the Antitrix.


Alien V resembles Vilgax except he stands taller than Way Big and his body is mostly black with red outlines and has what seem to be red stars on the black portions of his body. He retains his red eyes, yet does not seem to have a visible mouth.

Powers and Abilities

Alien V is an extremely tough transformation since he managed to withstand several attacks from both Crystalfist and Omni-Naut Humungousaur combined.[2]

Alien V is strong enough to lift and throw a To'kustar.[2] Technically speaking, he exceeds the power of the High Override.[DR 2]

Due to retaining part of Vilgax's Chimera Sui Generis DNA, Alien V can project laser beams from his eyes.[2]

Being part-Celestialsapien, Alien V can increase his size, cause massive storms to appear, and terraform a planet with his presence.[2] He potentially has the power to take over the universe.[DR 3]


Alien V is vulnerable to his own lasers, which can be deflected back at him.

Alien V has limited stamina, as he was quickly overpowered by Way Big's cosmic rays.[2]

Alien V is weaker than Alien X, as his DNA is diluted due to being a fusion.[DR 4]

Because he was not allowed to reach full power, Alien V is weaker than he potentially could be.[DR 5]


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Video Games

Cartoon Network Arcade

Alien V is a Uncommon collectable figure in the Cartoon Network Arcade app.


The V in Alien V's name is the Roman numeral for 5, which is half of 10. This is a reference to Alien X, as the X in his name is the Roman numeral for 10. Therefore, Alien V is half-Celestialsapien.

The V stands for Vilgax, as Alien V retains Vilgax's regular frame.


  • Alien V is the first, and so far only, Antitrix alien whose two species have been confirmed.
    • Alien V is also the first Antitrix transformation to be comprised of DNA belonging to the native species of its wearer.
  • Being part-Celestialsapien, Alien V shares genetic similarities with Alien X. However, the eyes, outline of his body, and white "stars" are colored red instead of white and his body resembles Vilgax's regular form.
    • Alien V's debut occurring towards the end of Season 4 is in line with Duncan Rouleau describing Season 5 as "Celestial".[DR 6]
  • Unlike other transformations, Alien V doesn't require the Antitrix to be actively on him.
  • Much like Atomic-X, Alien V is a Celestialsapien hybrid.


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