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Alien Unlock 2 is an online Ben 10 game and the sequel of Alien Unlock.

Playable Characters

Powers and Abilities


  • Attack 1: Hitting the enemy with his claws.
  • Attack 2: He jumps slightly and he will headbutt the enemy.
  • Special Attack: Jump medium high and stomp the floor, with yellow light.

Crashhopper alien unlock.png


  • Attack 1: Spitting slime to the enemy.
  • Attack 2: Stops in the air but not damage the enemy.
  • Special Attack: Shoots a long wave of sludge.

Stinkfly alien unlock.png

Ball Weevil

  • Attack 1: Shoots long range plasma ball from his mouth in straight line.
  • Attack 2: Shoots short range plasma ball from his mouth but his attack goes up.
  • Special Attack: Creates a big plasma ball and he can easily kill an enemy if walk over it.

Ball weevil alien unlock.png


  • Attack 1: Punch the enemy with a powerful punch.
  • Attack 2: Use his drill arms.
  • Special Attack: Uses his drill arms and grows spikes when it hits the floor.

Armodrillo alien unlock.png


  • Attack 1: Powerful punch to the enemy.
  • Attack 2: Stomp the floor.
  • Special Attack: Slide down.

Humungousaur alien unlock.png


Nemetrix Transformations


  • Before transforming into aliens, Ben doesn't have a "10" on his t-shirt.
  • On Ball Weevil's mission, Zed was much smaller than her normal size.
  • Part of Crashhopper's costume is white.
  • Ball Weevil's size is larger than his regular size.
  • Humungousaur's body is smaller. And his eyes are brown instead of green.
  • Armodrillo's horns are shorter.
  • Khyber's eyes have no pupils.


  • The game consists of all the aliens of Arc 1 of Omniverse who have a natural predator, except Heatblast.
  • Armodrillo's attacks are the most powerful.
  • The aliens has the numbers of the most powerful.
    • 1-Armdorillo
    • 2-Ball Weevil
    • 3-Stinkfly
    • 4-Crashhopper
    • 5-Humungousaur