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Alien Date Files: XLR8 is a two page comic story based on the original series. It is the fourth 'Alien Data File' of the CN Action Pack comic series published by DC and Cartoon Network. This comic appears in issue 18 of the series.



Ben, Gwen, and Max are continuing to review and research Ben's alien races, when Ben complains about the speed that they're getting through them, prompting Max to pick out XLR8 as the next alien to explore along with the Kineceleran species and home-world.


Aliens Used


  • Ben's shirt has a stripe on its back.
  • 'Kinecelerans' is continually spelled with an extra 'c'.
  • XLR8 has never been shown to be able to use static electricity in the series.
  • While not an error, it appears the lifespan of a Kineceleran has been retconned, seeing as the residents of Undertown seem to be unaffected by these issues.[1]
  • There is a coloring error on the second to last panel, where Gwen appears to have green and purple hair.


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