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Alien Date Files: Wildmutt is a two page comic story based on the original series. It is the first 'Alien Data File', which became a recurring segment in many of the following CN Action Pack comics published by DC and Cartoon Network, exploring the worlds and abilities of Ben's aliens. This comic appears in issue 15 of the series.


Ben, Gwen, and Max have been looking through the Plumbers' files on Ben's aliens. Max asks the kids which alien they want to look up next, to which Ben decides on Wildmutt's species, the Vulpimancers.


Aliens Used



  • The Omnitrix's emblem was the wrong way round in two panels.
  • The Omnitrix's emblem was black with green sides in one panel.
  • The cat eyes on Gwen's shirt were yellow in one panel.
  • From the Vulpimancers we see in Truth, the ones we see should look wild.
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