Newredomni This article contains information on Comic of the franchise and is non-canon to the TV continuity.

Alien Date Files: Diamondhead is a two page comic story based on the original series. It is the sixth 'Alien Data File' of the CN Action Pack comic series published by DC and Cartoon Network. This comic appears in issue 24 of the series.



Though seeing Ben distracted and eating food, Max continues to show him and Gwen the files of Ben's aliens. Max decides to look up Diamondhead's race, the Petrosapiens.


Aliens Used


  • The eyes on Gwen's shirt are colored yellow, unlike the show's usual blue eyes.
  • One of the eyes on Gwen's shirt are misaligned in the last panel.
  • Petropia is depicted as a round planet with cracks, much different to its depiction in Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix
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