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Alien Attack was a game that can be played by obtaining codes found in the Omnitrix X10 alien figures.

In each level there is a boss you would have to defeat, the boss is kept a secret until you come to the Boss Stage where it is revealed who you are up against.

The objective of this game is to pass through all the minions of the boss, and get to the Boss Stage of the game. There are 10 minions and enemies to pass through and win all 10 levels to unlock the Nanomech Stage where you battle the alien hive queen.

After you win the Nanomech battle you can get a form to get your very own Translucent Ben Tennyson figure by getting three UPC codes in the packages of Ben 10: Alien Force.



All Aliens Unlocked




TV Commercial[]

In 2010, Bandai, released a TV Commercial that featured the game and the Omnitrix X10 toy. The commercial starts with a serious boy (played by an unknown actor) in a room, demonstrating the Omnitirx X10 with a laptop behind him. He then puts a Humungousaur alien figure on top of the watch and the code is shown on Humungousaur. The scene then switches to the boy playing the Alien Attack game. As he is playing the game, the screen on the laptop starts to suck in. The boy is confused for a moment, but his confused face turns into a surprised face as the boy gets immersed in the game with his entire body getting immersed as well. The laptop spins around several times and stops to show the gameplay of Alien Attack and several of the alien figures being shown on the bottom. The commercial then ends with the scene cutting back to the laptop, when the boy's arm comes out with the Omnitrix X10 on his wrist and makes a fist with his hand and says "YES!" The scene then cuts to the toy line for the alien figures.

The commercial can be viewed below:

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