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Albedo is an alternate version of Albedo and the main villain in Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction.


Albedo came to Earth, in the form of Evil Way Big in a cosmic storm which To'kustars can create and control, to destroy Earth and Ben Tennyson. He is roughly first seen in the cosmic storm after blowing up the Plumber ships Ben sent to investigate the cosmic storm, he is then clearly seen blowing up a planet close to Earth's solar system with a cosmic ray, then Psyphon appears and says it is now too late for humans to discover the life on the planet Albedo just destroyed, then they get into a brief argument on whether Pluto was a planet or not, later on in the game, arrives on Earth and attacks Tokyo, then tells Ben to bring the Potis Altiare to him or Earth will be destroyed. When Ben becomes a full-sized Humungousaur, Albedo grabbed his tail and spun him, then flung him into a nearby lake. Humungousaur reverts, the Potis Altiare connects to the Ultimatrix and Ben then becomes Way Big, defeating Albedo and blasting him to the moon with a cosmic ray.

Soon after, Jimmy Jones informs Ben that the new trailer for the new Sumo Slammers movie Sumo Slammers 2: Electric Slammeroo just hit the net and he was going to send him a link, then (after Ben apologizes for suspecting him to be spying on him) he revealed that he was "kind of right now totally monitoring the Evil Way Big he just threw into space" (which he said was soooo tremendously cool), then he said the Evil Way Big landed on the moon and just disappeared, Kevin says it's impossible and that he's seeing things, Ben then tells Jimmy to send him the trailer link as he can't wait to see it, then he begins singing the theme song. It is then shown that Evil Way Big is actually Albedo (after he crashes, he is roughly seen shrinking, then in a small flash of red light, Albedo is seen), who sits up, coughs, dusts himself off, reveals a small device in his left hand which resembles a lightbulb connected to a broken pipe thing, throws it to the ground, stands up while facing the earth, and enraged he yells out "Curse you Ben Tennyson! I spent a year and a day alone in that cosmic storm, incubating the one single molecule of To'kustar DNA I managed to salvage back when you blew up the Omnitrix and left me for dead. Now I'm stuck on this dusty rock, in this disgusting form again. And there are no Chili Fries! This could not get any worse." Just as he is finished saying that, he turns to the right slightly only to (ironically) find Lu wanting payback for destroying the top part of his nearby moon base while he was Evil Way Big, he was then (humorously) attacked by Lu's wrench.


  • He is responsible for the destruction of a planet, located near Earth's solar system, along with the primitive bacteria living on it.
    • Humans may have discovered the life if Albedo had not destroyed it, according to Psyphon.
  • He somehow survives on the moon with no oxygen, despite being trapped in a clone of Ben's body which requires oxygen.
  • He reveals that he does not consider Pluto a planet, agreeing with the International Astronomical Union's classification of Pluto.

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