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Guess I'm too hot to handle.

– Alan.[1]

Alan Albright is a Human/Pyronite hybrid and an ally of Ben's team.


Regular Appearances[]

Human Form[]

Alan is a tall but skinny African-American boy with black pupils and short, black hair.

In Alien Force and Ultimate Alien, he wore a white undershirt, grey pants, and black-and-white running shoes.

In Omniverse, Alan is shorter than in Alien Force and Ultimate Alien. He now has big dotted eyes, wears earrings, and has let his hair grow out slightly. He wears an orange hoodie that has a basketball in the middle surrounded by orange flames, a black shirt underneath, blue jeans, and white and orange sneakers.

Pyronite Form[]

In Alien Force and Ultimate Alien, Alan's Pyronite form resembled Heatblast, but was shorter and thinner. His eyes were isolated on his face. His hands and feet were normally red, but would glow with plasma when using his powers. He would often wear his Plumber Badge on his chest, in the same spot as Heatblast's Omnitrix symbol.

In Omniverse, Alan's Pyronite form, like his human form, is shorter than before. He does not wear his Plumber Badge and has a crack on his chest that is shaped like a flame. His eyes are now connected to the fire on his head; his forehead is smaller; and his hands and feet now permanently glow.

Occasional Appearances[]

While working with the Amalgam Kids, he wore black armor.


Alan is a very mature, easygoing, and brave young boy. Unlike Ben when he was young, Alan has never tried to use his powers for his own gain.

Alan is not afraid to do whatever he can to defend himself, seen when he was arrested by the police and did not hesitate to attack them as he was desperate to prove his innocence.[1]

Alan does not seem to be very forgiving, as when he met up with Kevin again after draining his Pyronite powers the last time they met, he refused to accept Kevin's apology or listen to him and insisted that he leave his presence. Alan finally forgave Kevin after he protected him from Swift and was willing to listen to what he needed to explain.[3]



Alan was born a human. He is the son of a Plumber, from whom he obtained the Plumber Badge that he wears on his chest.[1]

Five Years Prior to Omniverse[]

Alan was taken to the Null Void by Servantis. Servantis used Kevin's powers and a Pyronite to make Alan a human/Pyronite hybrid. Alan, along with Manny, Helen and Pierce formed a group named the Amalgam Kids, and they were used by Servantis to do "nasty things."[4] After they failed in their ultimate mission, their memories were completely wiped by Servantis, made to believe he was actually born with his Pyronite half.[5]

Alien Force[]

ETAtW (685)

Alan with Ben's team

Alan debuted in Everybody Talks About the Weather, where he was being hunted by local authorities to be questioned about a recent strain of arson cases. Ben, Gwen, and Kevin got involved when Sheriff Mason took Alan's Plumber Badge and accidentally triggered a distress signal. After a short aerial fight with Jetray, they both decided that the best way of getting Sheriff Mason off of Alan's back was to figure out the source of the arson cases. Ben was able to figure out that what was earlier thought to be crop circles being burnt into the corn fields was actually circuit boards being built by DNAliens. They also discovered that those circuit boards create weather towers, and then begin to lower the temperature, which makes it snow. Working together, Swampfire and Alan were able to destroy the towers. Alan agreed to help the sheriff hunt down the remaining DNAliens, but stated that Ben could call him for help at any time.

Ben later called Alan in War of the Worlds where he assisted in the attack on Los Soledad where the Hyperspace Jump Gate was being built. After the war, Alan joined Helen, Manny, Pierce, and Cooper as pupils under Max.

In Vengeance of Vilgax: Part 1, Alan and the other Plumbers' Helpers were on their way to a training mission. However, when Vilgax landed on Earth, Max detoured to fight Vilgax. Alan was swiftly defeated by Vilgax.

AaB (38)

Alan with the other Plumbers' Helpers

In Above and Beyond, Alan and the other Plumbers' Helpers (excluding Cooper) tried to rescue Max when he was attacked by Ben aboard a Plumbers' Research Satellite Delta. Alan was attacked by Big Chill, but the rest of the Helpers intervened, forcing Big Chill to retreat. Alan later became crucial to restraining Humungousaur using his fire powers in tandem with the draft created by Helen's speed to trap him in a wall of fire. After he and the others attempted to sacrifice themselves to prevent the station from crashing into London, Max arrived and explained that the whole scenario was really a training exercise to see if they were ready for the Plumbers' Academy, which they passed with flying colors.

Ultimate Alien[]


Ultimate Kevin absorbing Alan's powers

Alan returned in Absolute Power: Part 1, being attacked by Ultimate Kevin. Alan put up a good fight, but Ultimate Kevin defeated him with a very powerful electric shock and stole his Pyronite powers. Alan was almost killed by Ultimate Kevin but was saved by Ben as NRG. Ben reassured Alan that he was going to be fine, but Alan denied it, as the other Plumbers' Helpers had also been attacked. Ben then promised to stop Ultimate Kevin.

At the end of Absolute Power: Part 2, Max confirmed that Alan and the other Plumbers' Helpers had their powers back.


WXI1 (142)

Alan getting his memories back

In Weapon XI: Part 1, Alan was first seen working on a car in his family's barn, when Kevin and Argit greeted him. Alan was less than happy to see Kevin because of their last encounter, but when Swift attacked and Kevin saved him, he was ready to listen. Kevin used Servantis' power to make Alan remember how he, Kevin, Helen, Manny and Pierce first met in the Null Void. At Paik's Body Shop, Kevin got out a Null Void Projector he had stashed away. Alan wanted to come with him, but Kevin made Alan remember how he was turned into a human/alien hybrid by Servantis and how he got his memories erased. That just made Alan want to come with Kevin even more, but Kevin told him to stay and take care of Zed. When Ben, Gwen, and Rook came with Helen and Manny, Alan told Helen and Manny everything. They went to the Null Void to help Kevin, but Servantis brainwashed him, Helen and Manny into attacking Ben, but was defeated by Alien X.

In Weapon XI: Part 2, just as the Amalgam Kids were about to destroy Ben, a mutated Kevin grabbed Servantis, destroyed his Loyalty Neuro-Matrix and used Feedback's powers to free them from his control forever. Just before he left the Null Void, Alan stated that he felt like his real life just started.

Powers and Abilities[]

Alan is able to switch between his human and Pyronite forms at will.

Alan is a pyrokinetic, meaning he has the ability to generate and manipulate intense heat and fire from his body. He can form fire into any shape that he chooses, commonly fireballs that he can project from his arms.[3]

Alan is capable of greatly amplifying the heat he gives off, being hot enough to create an explosion which sent several police officers flying.[1]

Alan is capable of high-speed flight by propelling himself forward in the air.[3]

Alan is capable of using terrakinesis, shown by him levitating a stone into the air. One result of this capability is the ability to surf through the air on a board of rock.[6] He learned this ability from Ben.[1]

Alan is highly acrobatic and has enhanced reflexes, as shown when he executed a backward handspring to avoid Gwen's mana discs.[3]

Alan is cold and ice resistant thanks to the high temperature he produces, allowing him to thaw his way out of ice, such as that produced by DNAlien Freeze Guns.[1]

Alan can spit fire in his human form.[1]

Alan has shown himself to be quite proficient in using weaponry, such as a DNA Repair Gun.[7]


Alan owns a Plumber Badge, given to him by his father.[1]

Alan formerly wielded a DNA Repair Gun, which he used to revert the DNAliens back to human.[7]

While working with the Amalgam Kids, he wore a black helmet with a red visor to conceal his identity.[5]


Alan isn't able to transform into his Pyronite form if he is too cold.[1]

If exposed to enough water or wind, Alan's fire will be extinguished.[1][8]

Alan can be stung by an Aerophibian's neuroshock blasts.[1][3]

Alan can easily be blown back by strong winds.[8]


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  • Alan is the only one of the Amalgam Kids that can shift between his alien and human forms. This is because of "luck of the draw".[DM 4]
  • Originally, Alan's father was a Pyronite who wore an ID Mask to disguise himself in public.[DM 5] This was retconned in Omniverse, as it is revealed that Alan was fully human and given Pyronite abilities by Kevin and an unnamed Pyronite.[3][9]
  • Alan was Zeno Robinson's first voiceover job.[ZR 1]
    • Zeno was not contacted to re-audition for his role as Alan in Omniverse and was unaware that the character had been brought back until someone told him that he had done a good job in the series, not knowing that the role had been recast.[ZR 1]
  • When asked why Zeno did not reprise his role as Alan in Omniverse, Derrick J. Wyatt stated that he was unfamiliar with him. He elaborated that shows always have a specific amount of voice actors they can use per episode. Sometimes, this allows for guest actors, and sometimes not.[DJW 1]
  • Both Alan's human and Pyronite forms in Alien Force and Ultimate Alien were designed by Glenn Wong, with color styling by Chris Hooten.[GW 1][GW 2]
  • Alan resembles the character Hot Spot from Teen Titans, in the following ways:
    • Both have a human form (sharing similar head styles, black hair and a very tan skin) and a special fiery form, with pyrokinetic abilities and can fly to some degree.
    • Both were allies to the main characters of their respective shows.
    • Both had trouble concentrating on their powers.
    • Both had a "tiring down" phase where their fires cooled down, limiting their abilities to a low degree.
    • Both are voiced by Bumper Robinson (for Alan, this is only true in Omniverse).


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Derrick J. Wyatt[]

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