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It must be Ah Puch, the Mayan god of death and the underworld. He's the guardian of the Sword of Ek Chuaj.

– Grandpa Max.[1]

Ah Puch is the Maya god of death and protector of the Sword of Ek Chuaj.


Ah Puch is larger and taller than Four Arms. He wears a mask on the upper part of his face and is toothless. He also wears what appeared to be a pair of circular earrings. His clothing consists of a blue ancient Maya garb with yellow lining and a blue loincloth. His bare left thigh, left wrist and knee are covered with linen bandages. He dons a gold bracelet on his right hand and a leg ring on his left foot. Attached to the hem of his sleeves are leaves of some sort. He has a pair of crimson eyes and moves on bare feet with small sharp nails. He has a very long tongue.


He first appeared attacking the Forever Knights as they attempted to steal the sword. He overwhelmed them, but attacked Ben and company when they tried to reach the sword. He was defeated by them, and left in the temple as it collapsed; what became of him is unknown. Though he attacked Ben and the others, he only did so to defend the sword. His image was used for the Mask of Ah Puch, the only thing that could lead one to the sword.

Powers and Abilities

Ah Puch has incredible strength, overpowering Four Arms during their battle. His tongue is also very strong, as he was able to throw Four Arms through the temple wall using his tongue.

Ah Puch has enhanced durability.

Ah Puch can jump several stories high. He also possesses enhanced agility.

Ah Puch is capable of scaling walls.

Ah Puch has a longer lifespan than most species on Earth, living for at least 2000 years.

It is presumed that he possesses necromancy with him being a god of death, but it is unconfirmed.


Ben 10

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  • The Omnitrix can scan Ah Puch's DNA. However, the presence of Ben's human DNA would negate the transformation's immortality.[DR 1]
  • Ah Puch is the first deity to make an appearance in the franchise.


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