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Aggregor's Spear was Aggregor's primary weapon. It was first seen in Fame.


Aggregor's spear is a metal polearm that is approximately 7 feet in length. Appearance-wise, it is a cross between a staff, a glaive, a guandao and (with the way the blade is divided into three connected blades) a trident. The spear has a metal hook jutting out below were the shaft arcs out to form the blade.


Aggregor can use his spear as a bladed weapon to stab of hit targets with, or a ranged weapon to fire blasts of red energy that can disrupt other energy fields, blast opponents and disable machinery. The spear was also designed to combat electromanipulative species, as shown when Aggregor easily defeated Brainstorm and overpowered Ra'ad.[1]

In Andreas' Fault, Aggregor used an aura of the same red energy from his spear to clear away mounds of rubble and lift Andreas into his stasis pod.

The spear can block mana attacks.

The spear is able to absorb electricity and convert it into it's energy blasts for extra damage.

The spear can also be used to absorb and redirect magnetic fields, as shown when Aggregor briefly fought Lodestar and knocked his head off.[2]


Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

Season 1

Season 3


  • The spear's energy blasts come from itself, not Aggregor.[DM 1]
    • While the mechanisms of the spear and its energy source are unknown, it appears to convert kinetic energy into its red energy blasts, as Aggregor would spin his spear before firing a blast of energy in Fused.
    • Although the spear can convert electricity into its energy blasts (which could be one of the ways of how it was designed to combat electrokinetic beings, as stated by Aggregor in Fused), it is unknown if it can do this with other types of energy as well.
  • It is unknown what happened to the spear after the events of Ultimate Aggregor (Dwayne said that "nothing" happened to it at all, indicating that Ultimate Aggregor abandoned it at Los Soledad[DM 2]).
  • Before becoming Ultimate Aggregor, Aggregor was very dependent on his spear, using it in almost any fight.
  • Despite claiming that absorbing energy causing insanity is a lie told by the powerful Osmosians to control the weak ones, Aggregor prefers to use his spear instead of his absorption powers. This may be due to his lack of experience with absorbing energy.


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