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Once I have all your powers combined, nothing can stop me from attaining the ultimate prize!

– Aggregor to his prisoners.[1]

Aggregor is a ruthless and cunning intergalactic Osmosian criminal who is one of Ben Tennyson's most dangerous enemies.


Aggregor's appearance is similar to that of a human but with small flesh-colored horns on his head and red eyes ringed with black marks. other than that, he has long black hair and he wears a brown knee-length, open-chested tunic, baggy jeans, and black calf-high boots.


Aggregor is a cruel, sadistic, menacing, arrogant, and remorseless sociopath, who does whatever it takes to achieve his goals, having no remorse for any of his actions. He has a brilliant mind and is willing to go to extremes to succeed. Aggregor's abilities make him a daunting and formidable enemy, who can hold his own against even the Plumbers. He fears no one and hungers for power.

Unlike most of Ben's other enemies, such as Vilgax and the Highbreed, Aggregor prefers to carry out his plans personally rather than relying on his robotic minions to do the work, instead using them for lesser duties, such as flying his ship, manual labor, security, and causing diversions.

Additionally, Aggregor's hunger for power appears to comes from the desire of not letting others control him, hinted by his rebuttal to Kevin's claim of how absorbing energy causes Osmosians to go insane, "Lies! Told by the powerful to control the weak!". This also relates to his desire to possess ultimate power in order to control the entire universe.



Sometime after Kevin and the Amalgam Kids failed to capture Ben Tennyson, the Rooters created Aggregor as a lab experiment, using Kevin's DNA to create a perfect copy of his absorption powers. Just like the other prisoners of the Rooters, Aggregor was taught about aliens and their powers. However, after Ben removed the Omnitrix, the Rooters wiped Aggregor's mind and set him loose as well, since there was no need for an army anymore.[DJW 1]

Studying the legends of the universe, Aggregor learned about the Forge of Creation[DM 1] and schemed to collect the pieces of the Map of Infinity to gain entry and absorb the powers of an infant Celestialsapien (which he refers to as the "Ultimate Prize"). That way, he would gain unlimited power and omnipotence and rule the universe.

But in order to survive the dangerous journey of assembling the Map of Infinity, Aggregor captured five powerful aliens from the Andromeda Galaxy so that he could absorb all their powers and abilities into his own being using a machine he had built back on Osmos V. His chosen aliens were an Orishan named Bivalvan, a Geochelone Aerio named Galapagus, a Prypiatosian-B named P'andor, a Talpaedan named Andreas, and an Amperi named Ra'ad.

However, his prisoners were able to escape to Earth. Though it remains unclear how, he began tracking his missing prisoners using the signal of the Ultimatrix.

Ultimate Alien

Aggregor in a Plumber suit

Aggregor first appears in Fame, where he locates Bivalvan, who was expecting the Plumbers to arrive and send him back to Kiusana. As he recaptured his prisoner, Aggregor stated that no one escapes him.

In Escape from Aggregor, Aggregor recaptured Galapagus by disguising himself as a Plumber assigned to transport Galapagus back to Aldabra.

In Too Hot to Handle, Aggregor attacked the ship transporting P'andor back to Prypiatos, killing the Plumbers by letting them get flung into space while he recaptured his prisoner.

In Andreas' Fault, Aggregor found Andreas buried underneath the remains of a Forever Knight castle and transported him back to his ship, putting him in a stasis pod alongside the other aliens he had recaptured. With only Ra'ad at large, Aggregor states that it is only a matter of time before "the fun begins".

In Fused, Aggregor confronted Ben, Gwen, and Kevin for the first time. He arrived by crashing through the roof and fought the team. Aggregor decided to use Ampfibian as a replacement for Ra'ad, when Gwen used a teleportation spell so that the team could escape to Kevin's warehouse. Aggregor returned to his ship to have his sensors track the Ultimatrix signal. Unfortunately, it was off-line because Ra'ad tried to destroy the Ultimatrix to prevent Aggregor from finding him, only to wind up trapped inside it when the Ultimatrix scanned his DNA at the same moment.

When Gwen and Kevin rebooted the Ultimatrix to separate Ben and Ra'ad, Aggregor was able to find them again. Knowing he would be coming, Ra'ad quickly fled just as Aggregor came in through the roof again. After dispatching Kevin and Gwen, Aggregor used his spear to ground and neutralize Brainstorm's electrokinetic powers by firing red energy blasts onto his brain. Aggregor attempted to switch Brainstorm into Ampfibian using his spear (which would have killed him in the process) when Ra'ad returned and ambushed him. Regarding his actions as "noble", Aggregor quickly overpowered Ra'ad. However, Ra'ad electrocuted Aggregor's spear, resulting in a huge explosion that destroyed the warehouse. Ben and Gwen were able to escape the explosion while Aggregor and Ra'ad are nowhere to be found. Kevin feels Aggregor has won, but Ben (having scanned all five aliens) vows to use their powers to stop Aggregor.

In Ultimate Aggregor, Aggregor is shown to have escaped the warehouse's explosion with Ra'ad, and traveled out into the desert to call his ship and transport him. Though he was ambushed by the Plumbers, he was prepared and unleashed a torrent of laser cannons to bring down the entire ambush while he transported himself and Ra'ad to his ship. Just as he was about to make a jump to Osmos V, the lead Plumber of the ambush used one of the downed ships to take out the hyperdrive of Aggregor's ship. Unable to leave Earth, Aggregor had to come up with a new plan.

When Ben and his team tracked his ship, they were attacked by Aggregor's robots but defeated them. When Lodestar boarded the ship, it self destructed, but Lodestar was able to survive with his magnetic abilities pulling him back together. Meanwhile, Aggregor broke into Los Soledad with intent on using the Entropy Pump from Professor Paradox's old time-traveling experiment as a replacement for the machine on Osmos V. Upon discovering where he was, Ultimate Swampfire and company stormed Los Soledad, charging through the remainder of Aggregor's robots.

Needing more time, Aggregor used a Mind Control Headband to have the five Andromeda aliens attack them. Upon being freed from his control, Aggregor recalled the aliens. When the team confronted Aggregor, Kevin warned him not to go through with his plan, mentioning that absorbing energy causes Osmosians to go insane. Aggregor refused to believe Kevin, claiming that powerful Osmosians told that to weak Osmosians to control them. Before Kevin could convince him otherwise, Aggregor used the Entropy Pump to convert the five aliens into energy and transfer it into himself. Humungousaur managed to stop the pump before it destroyed reality. Unfortunately, it was too late as Aggregor had completely absorbed the five aliens, transforming into his mutated state, a massive chimeric mutant, named Ultimate Aggregor.

See Ultimate Aggregor for the events involving Aggregor in his mutated form

Aggregor after having his energy and powers absorbed by Ultimate Kevin

In The Forge of Creation, Ultimate Kevin attacks Ultimate Aggregor and absorbs his powers, reverting him back to his previous form and leaving him unconscious. Though Ultimate Kevin was about to kill him, he is persuaded to spare his life by Gwen, Ben and Young Ben.

At some point after Ben and Gwen returned from the Forge of Creation, Aggregor was taken into custody by the Plumbers[DM 2] before eventually being sent to the Null Void.[2]

Powers and Abilities

Being an Osmosian, Aggregor has the ability to absorb matter or energy from anything in order to use it in various ways. He prefers absorbing powers from other lifeforms, acquiring 1/10 of the creature's powers.

Unlike Kevin, the powers and abilities Aggregor absorbs do not change his appearance. For example, when Aggregor absorbed a Geochelone Aerio, his appearance stayed the same though he could now open six holes on his torso at will to make use of the species' abilities.[1]

While Kevin is left unharmed when he absorbing powers from the Omnitrix aliens (as he absorbed the transformative energy of the Omnitrix rather than the aliens themselves), Aggregor absorbs all of his victims' energy, leaving behind nothing but a desiccated skeleton/shell. An exception goes with the machine he used that boosted this ability and allowed him to absorb the aliens' bodies as well.

Aggregor is a very skilled tracker, as he was able to use the Ultimatrix as a homing device to hunt down all five of the Andromeda aliens.

Aggregor is an excellent strategist, as he was able to set up a deadly ambush with his ship for a squad of Plumbers after he had captured Ra'ad.[3]

Aggregor is a skilled inventor, as it was stated that he had created a machine on Osmos to help him absorb the Andromeda aliens and their powers.

Aggregor is quite strong, as he could violently knock both Kevin and Ampfibian across a room.[4]

Aggregor is durable enough to survive being brutally slammed head first into a wall by Ra'ad.[4]

Aggregor is agile, as he could evade Ampfibian's electric blasts.[4]

Aggregor possesses vast knowledge of different alien species, having learned about them during his time as a prisoner of the Rooters.

Aggregor evidently knows substantially enough about magic, as he knew exactly the secret true name of the place he was going, which he needed to open the Door to Anywhere and venture into Legerdomain where the third quarter of the Map of Infinity was hidden.


In addition to his absorption powers, Aggregor possesses a spear-like weapon that can be used as a melee or ranged weapon with a multitude of funtions, essentially to deal with anything reliant on electrical energy, such as Cerebrocrustaceans.

In addition to his spear, Aggregor possessed a device to help him detect Andreas's life signature while searching the remains of a Forever Knight castle,[5] and discover the location of the Chronologger.[3] He also had a different one to call his ship and have it fire its weapons down onto the Plumbers, similar to a remote control.[3]

Aggregor possessed a pair of energy cuffs and a floating device with a blue force field bubble, which he used to escort Ra'ad to his ship. He also had several Mind Control Headbands to control all five of the Andromeda aliens and have them attack Ben's team.[3]

Much like Vilgax, Aggregor has an army of Aggrebots at his disposal rather than living soldiers, though his robots are more humanoid in shape and stature than Vilgax's.


Aggregor is very dependent on his spear, using it in almost any fight.[1][4]

There is a limit to Aggregor's durability as he fell unconscious from a powerful wind attack from Galapagus.[1]

Aggregor is vulnerable to electricity, such as that generated by an Amperi.[4] He is especially vulnerable to Gwen's mana attacks (Until he goes Ultimate, then her mana attacks don't even slow him down due to Galapagus in his arsenal).[3]

Aggregor is vulnerable to energy-based attacks. As Kevin has more experience with absorbing energy,[DM 3] attempting to absorb these attacks could be potentially dangerous to Aggregor's physical and mental state.


Ultimate Alien

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Aggregor's name comes from the word "aggregate", which means to form a collection from different parts. This is obviously a reference to his plan to absorb the Andromeda aliens' powers which re-created his body using the parts from the five aliens.


  • Aggregor was created by Dwayne McDuffie and Glen Murakami.[ES 1]
  • Aggregor is one of the few villains that was never defeated by Ben himself, though Ben could have beaten him in Fused if he had used an alien that was not electrokinetic.[DM 3]
  • Aggregor refers to Kevin as a "hatchling," a reference to their difference in age and power.[4] However, this was due to the false memory implanted by Servantis, as Aggregor's powers itself came from Kevin.
  • Aggregor's voice sounds almost identical to Ragnarok's.
  • Aggregor's horned head is very similar to that of the Zabrak from the Star Wars franchise, more specifically Eeth Koth, Agen Kolar, Savage Oppress, and Darth Maul.
    • In his first appearance, Aggregor had six horns. From Escape From Aggregor onwards, he had only four.
  • Aggregor is a much greater threat than Vilgax, even before he became Ultimate Aggregor.[DM 3]
  • The black markings around Aggregor's eyes are a sign of recent Osmosian energy intake.
  • Aggregor did not place the Andromeda Galaxy aliens in the separate pods in Escape from Aggregor because he wanted to save power.[DM 3]
  • At some point in the planning stages of Arc 6 of Omniverse, Aggregor was supposed to return in an early version of The Rooters of All Evil, where he would seek out Kevin and reveal himself to be an experiment created by The Rooters to duplicate Kevin's powers, potentially with his memories having been fabricated.[DJW 2]
    • If the episode was to go as planned, Aggregor's genetic code would have been breaking down before resulting in his "death", having been melted into what Derrick J. Wyatt called "ooze".[DJW 3]
    • Derrick felt Clancy Brown would be a good fit to voice Aggregor in Omniverse.[DJW 4]
    • Derrick believed that Aggregor was excluded from the episode (and by extension, Omniverse) because no one could work up any enthusiasm to do another Aggregor-centric story. As a large part of the crew for the show had worked on the first two seasons of Ultimate Alien, he did not think anyone was in any hurry to get back to the character.[DJW 3]
  • Aggregor is mentioned in Cosmic Destruction by Psyphon, who says that he considered working for Aggregor, but he preferred to work alone, with this leading him to his eventual defeat.
  • Aggregor's Toon Cricket Team's name is Aggregor Aggressives.
  • Part of Aggregor's personality is similar to Ganondorf from The Legend of Zelda video game series, with the two studying legends of an infinite power and hunting down said power in order to take over the universe.
  • Aggregor bears a few similarities to Cell, a major antagonist in the manga/anime Dragon Ball Z. For example, both of them start off being very strategic yet slightly arrogant, but as they become more powerful, their arrogance and aggression increases.
    • While they both have the ability to absorb others, their powers work in different ways. Aggregor absorbs through touch and leaves desiccated bodies where Imperfect Cell "drinks" victims of their life force through the proboscis on his tail and leaves nothing behind.
    • They both were artificially created in an attempt to destroy the main heroes of their respective series; this was not true for Aggregor until Omniverse.


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Dwayne McDuffie

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