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He's the sixth deadliest man on the planet!

Rex Salazar.[1]

Agent Six is a human currently operating as an agent of Providence. He first appears in Ben Gen 10.


Agent Six has dark brown hair buzzcut and a soul patch. He wears a pair of sunglasses and a battle-suit colored with different shades of green.


Agent Six doesn't like playing around, and wants to get the job done. He claims he always delivers whatever the leader of Providence assigns him to retrieve.[1]


Rex Salazar

Six isn't close with Rex at all, only wanting to retrieve him as an asset for Providence. However, after witnessing Rex's heroic actions, he gained some respect for him; though he warns Rex that if he loses control of his powers, he will be there to stop him.


In Ben Gen 10, Six arrived in a Providence ship to capture Rex and Bobo, and saved Ben from the family that attacked him. He attempted to take Ben in, but he didn't come willingly. Rex soon backs Ben up by attacking Six. To end this, Six calls in a Providence fleet, and they surround Rex, Bobo, and Ben.

Soon, Six is forced to team up with the threw to fight against Hex's forces. After the battle is won, Six let's Rex and Bobo run away. He promises that if Rex ever looses control of his powers, he'll be there to stop him.

Powers and Abilities

Agent Six is capable of dealing with extremely fast or strong attacks with great agility.

Agent Six has great speed when running.

Agent Six has enhanced strength, being able to throw a toddler Vaxasaurian, an adult male Tetramand, and an adult female Appoplexian.

Agent Six has enhanced reflexes, being able to dodge attacks from Rex's B.F.S, Shock Rock, and Diamondhead.


Agent Six carries a pair of katanas called Magna Blades, which complement his incomparable agility and reflexes.


Agent Six is vulnerable to Magic.


Ben 10

Season 5

Cartoon Network Arcade

Agent Six is an uncommon collectable figure in the Cartoon Network Arcade app.


  • This version of Six is a stylized version of his counterpart from the original Generator Rex series.
    • Six's uniform is based off the one the original Six wore during the flashback portion of Promises, Promises. This outfit would later reappear throughout Season 3 of Generator Rex.
    • By coincidence, the original Six wore this outfit during Heroes United.
  • Six's name comes from being the sixth deadliest man on the planet.[2][1]
  • Unlike his original counterpart:
    • Six is voiced by Vic Chao instead of his original voice actor Wally Kurth.
    • Six lives in the same dimension as Ben instead of a separate one.
    • Six did not treat Rex as an equal from the get-go, though this opinion changed when Hex attacked Washington DC.


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