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Aerophibians are a species from the planet Aeropela.


Aerophibians are large, red and yellow aliens similar in appearance to a manta-ray. They have hands and feet with three digits. They have orange horns above their eyes, which has a orange stripe leading down to orange lips. They have lizard-like tails. They have ray-like patagia, which are yellow in both the front and back. Their sides have markings that resemble gills and they have a zigzag/lightning strike pattern with a yellow outline around their upper torso.

Powers and Abilities

Aerophibians can breathe underwater, air and survive in space.[DR 1]

Aerophibians can produce beams from their eyes and tail that disable the target's nervous system (or "neuroshock blasts").

Notable Aerophibians


The name Aerophibian is derived from "aero" and "amphibian".


  • Aerophibians were first confirmed to exist within the Reboot Continuity by Duncan Rouleau, who explained on Twitter that all Classic Continuity Omnitrix aliens exist within the Omnitrix.[DR 2]


Crew Statements

Duncan Rouleau

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