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Aerophibians are a species from the planet Aeropela.


Aerophibians are large, red and yellow aliens similar in appearance to a manta-ray. They have hands and feet with three digits, as well as yellow horns above their eyes, and a yellow stripe leading down to yellow lips. They also have lizard-like tails, and ray-like patagia, which are yellow on the front and red on the back. Their sides have markings that resemble gills and they have a matching pair of zigzag/lightning strike patterns around their upper torso.

Only male natural Aerophibians have been seen, so it is unknown what female Aerophibians look like.


Aerophibians build cities inside the spiral rocks on Aeropela.[citation needed]

In prehistoric times of Aeropela, primitive Aerophibians used their neuroshock blasts to paralyze their prey so they could eat them with no resistance. Nowadays, modern Aerophibians use this ability for self-defense.[citation needed]


Aerophibians are carnivorous.[citation needed]

Powers and Abilities

Aerophibians can fly at supersonic speeds. Aerophibians maneuver through the air with little to no flapping and accelerates to great speeds with ease.

Aerophibians are capable of surviving and maneuvering through space,[1] a task which no amount of flapping would allow. It would appear that they have an additional key to flight beyond their wings. In proportion to their size, they have a very short wingspan, although their weight is unknown.

Aerophibians can fire green neuroshock blasts from their eyes and tails. These blasts are strong enough to knock down a Pyronite[2] and an Amperi,[3] and even cause great discomfort to a Vaxasaurian[4] and destroy a Sonorosian with just one shot.[5]

Aerophibians are durable enough to withstand gunfire from a fighter jet.[6] They are also heat resistant, as Jetray could withstand a Prypiatosian-B's radioactive blasts.[7]

Aerophibians can safely fly through the Earth's atmosphere and into space, and travel on an interstellar level. When they are done flying, they can land on their two feet perfectly.[8]

Aerophibians have enhanced strength, which Jetray demonstrated in his battles with Alan[2] and Ultimate Kevin.[9]

An Aerophibian's strength extends to their feet, which are prehensile, as they are able to carry a Vaxasaurian in the air with their feet without being tired or weighed down.[4]

In addition to their feet, their tails are also prehensile, as shown when Jetray carried Gwen while flying up in the air.[10]

Aerophibians are resistant against heat, such as that generated by a Pyronite.[2]

Aerophibians can enter hyperspace.[8][note 1][note 2]

Aerophibians are highly adaptable underwater.[11][12][13]

An Aerophibian's neuroshock blasts are capable of starting fires, as demonstrated by Swift.[14]

Aerophibians are immune to electricity, such as that generated by an Amperi.[13][3]


An Aerophibian's neuroshock blasts can hurt themselves, as seen when Jetray's blasts struck him after being deflected by the Stalker.[15]

An Aerophibian's neuroshock blasts can be absorbed by either Prypiatosian-Bs[7] or the plasma generated by members of Ball Weevil's species, the latter of which has been demonstrated with Swift.[3]

Despite their enhanced durability, Aerophibians can still feel discomfort when they are being fired at.[6]

Despite their electricity immunity, Aerophibians can still be thrown into the air by a strong enough electric blast.[13]

Aerophibians are vulnerable to strong winds.[9]

An Aerophibian's neuroshock blasts are useless against certain non-living targets, such as mechanical-like species like Talpaedans[16] and robots like Computron's minions.[17]

Aerophibians cannot walk very well due to their proportionally thin hind limbs.

Aerophibians can be ensnared by an Arachnichimp's webs.[4]

On the ground, Aerophibians are slower than Kinecelerans.[DM 1]

Aerophibians cannot fly in Legerdomain due to its sky being unparallel to Earth's.[18][19]

Notable Aerophibians

Notable Aerophibian Hybrids


The name Aerophibian is derived from "aero" and "amphibian".


  1. According to Derrick J. Wyatt, Jetray's ability to jump into hyperspace was due to a glitch in the original Ultimatrix. This ability was removed from Jetray's DNA when Ben acquired the new Omnitrix in The Ultimate Enemy: Part 2.[DJW 1][DJW 2] It is unknown if this is canon as Matt Wayne seemed to be unaware of the existence of glitch powers.[MW 1]
  2. Correlating with the likelihood of Jetray entering hyperspace, both Derrick and Matt agree that Jetray cannot travel near or at light speed. However, the exact limit has never been established.[DJW 1][MW 2]


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