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The Accidentals are a group of mutant failures created by Dr. Animo. He uses them for work on the farm. They later escaped and defeated the Alphas.


Dr. Animo made the Accidentals, but they didn't turn out as the kind of mutants he wanted, so he used them to do work on the farm. One day, Madcow and Boxer mistook Stinkfly as an Accidental, so they put him on the farm with the real Accidentals. Ben Tennyson couldn't change back to his human self because the Farm kept him in his current alien form. As Stinkfly, Ben convinced the Accidentals to use teamwork and break out of the Farm, so as a team, the Accidentals and Stinkfly defeated the Alphas and escaped the Farm. Later, the Accidentals played football with Ben and their team won against the other team.


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