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A Villain a Day is a comic appearing in the CN Action Pack series, published by DC and Cartoon Network. This comic is in issue 9 of the series.


In 'Littleville, USA', Gwen, and Max watch as Ben (as Ripjaws) loses a battle against a villain -'Hy Voltage', while Gwen comments how improbable it is that they keep coming across these super-villains in these every-day average towns.

Afterwards, while watching the news report, waiting to get the Rust Bucket fixed, the team learn that a wave of villains have been terrorizing this town, including; 'Knightmare', 'Air-Walker', 'Gimmick Guy', and 'Cyclotron'.

The mechanic, Ricky, tells Max it would usually take him three days, though he may be able to cobble something together.

While walking through town, the Tennyson's come across a villain called 'Urban Gorilla' robbing a bank. While fighting him as Wildmutt, Ben discovers that it's a man in a suit that he recognizes right before he's able to escape.

Later, back at the RV, Upgrade confronts Ricky, claiming that all the villains have been left-handed like him, and that one used the same word 'Geezamarazz' as he did previously.

As the engineer runs for his guns, Ben is able to upgrade them, then being able to clock him in the face with a punch, knocking him out. Ben remarks that the town wasn't 'big enough for the twenty of them'.



  • Hy Voltage
  • Knightmare (on TV)
  • Air-Walker (on TV)
  • Gimmick Guy (on TV)
  • Cyclotron (on TV)
  • Urban Gorilla

Aliens Used


  • Ben's shirt has a stripe on its back.
  • The sides of Upgrade's Omnitrix symbol were light green.


  • The name 'Urban Gorilla' may be referencing the Hawkwind song of the same name.