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The 23rd Mr. Smoothy's outlet is a cross-dimensional Mr. Smoothy store owned by Blarney T. Hokestar. It remains at the same place, but rotates through many different dimensions by way of a Warp Field Generator.

This store, unlike the other Mr. Smoothy's stores, is not listed on the official website nor in any official listings at all regardless of dimension.


In Store 23, the 23rd Mr. Smoothy was repeatedly appearing and disappearing in the prime dimension's Bellwood due to trouble with the Warp Field Generator, until it settled in Dimension 23 and transported Hokestar, Ben, Blukic and Driba to there with it. Blukic and Driba learned what they'd been doing wrong with the Warp Field Generator with the help of Azmuth's Dimension 23 counterpart, and used the 23rd Mr. Smoothy to return to their dimension; much to Hokestar's chagrin since the store had just begun selling out to the Dimension 23 citizens.

In It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Ben World: Part 2, Rook and Hokestar used the 23rd Mr. Smoothy to search across the multiverse for Ben Prime and Ben 23 after they'd disappeared, until they finally found the two Bens in Mad Ben's Dimension and returned home with them.

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