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...Nor Iron Bars a Cage is the seventh episode of the second season of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, and the seventeenth episode overall.


To settle an old score, Kevin voluntarily returns to the Null Void prison he once escaped.[CN 1]


NIBaC (53)

Trukk and Quince

In the Null Void Incarcecon, a prisoner called Trukk is released from solitary confinement and brought back to the mines. His cohort, Quince, tells Trukk that when he was in solitary, a new prisoner came. That prisoner is revealed to be Ultimate Kevin.

NIBaC (30)

Ben and Gwen have gotten word that ever since Ultimate Kevin left the team, he has gone on a revenge spree on everyone who ever did him wrong. They visit a man named Barry at a hospital, who says Ultimate Kevin beat him up because he owed him money ($8) but forgot. Back in the Null Void, Trukk gets Ultimate Kevin's attention, only to be beaten by him. Quince covers for Ultimate Kevin to the guards by saying Trukk tripped on his pickaxe. Meanwhile, Ben and Gwen search Kevin's room at his mother's house. Ben sees the Null Void Incarcecon's symbol scratched on the floor by Kevin, giving Ben and Gwen a clue to Ultimate Kevin's whereabouts. During a lunch break, Quince finally recognizes Ultimate Kevin and apologizes to him for getting back in the prison. Ultimate Kevin explains that he returned to the prison for revenge against the warden, Morgg. Morgg and his robot guards then find Ben and Gwen teleporting to the prison. Ben and Gwen arrive to tell Morgg that Ultimate Kevin is going to kill him. Morgg ignores their warning and has his robots take them to a room to stay in until a supply ship picks them up.

NIBaC (225)

Kwarrel and Kevin during a flashback

While the prisoners are still mining, Ultimate Kevin flashes back to the last time he was a prisoner. He was still Kevin 11 and got so angry, that he threatened to hurt all the other prisoners, while Quince and his friend, Kwarrel, watched. Kwarrel walked up to Kevin 11, telling him to cool off. Kevin 11 tried to fight Kwarrel, but Kwarrel easily defeated him and told him to come to him when he's ready to give up on his anger. Sure enough, Kevin 11 did and Kwarrel (who is shown to know a lot about Osmosians) taught him how to cool off, control his powers, revert to human form and to limit himself to absorbing matter rather than energy to prevent insanity. However, Kwarrel was being watched by Morgg, who at the time was a prison guard. A while later, Morgg somehow started a riot between the other prisoners. Kwarrel and Kevin went down to a tunnel Kwarrel was digging up for years in order to escape, but Morgg found them. While Kwarrel urged Kevin to escape, Morgg killed Kwarrel with his blaster.

Back in the present, Gwen is trying to open the locked door in her and Ben's room. Ben transforms into Goop and frees them by melting the lock. After transforming back to human, Ben and Gwen get caught by Morgg and his guards in the mines and he orders the guards to destroy them. When they reach a dead-end, Ben transforms into Humungousaur and destroys the guards but inhales a blue dust that makes him see Gwen as a Havoc Beast.

Humungousaur attacks Gwen, not knowing that she is herself. Gwen finally snaps Humungousaur out of the hallucination when she slaps him in the face. When Humungousaur transforms back into Ben, they realize Morgg is not only a prison warden, but an intergalactic drug trafficker. He is using the prisoners to mine an alien dream dust and sell it to the highest bidder. He replaced the old guards with robot guards is so no living guards can betray him and reveal his plan to others. Ultimate Kevin and Quince confront Morgg and Ultimate Kevin is about to kill Morgg and avenge Kwarrel, but Morgg activates the prisoner's collars exposing Morgg's true colors, which makes them suffer an extremely painful shock, including Kevin and Quince. When they notice the prisoners being hurt, Ben transforms into Echo Echo. He uses his sonic abilities to destroy the collars and the prisoners defeat the rest of the robots. After Echo Echo transforms back, Ultimate Kevin is about to kill Morgg until Ben and Gwen arrive.

As Ultimate Kevin is about to strike Morgg, Ben transforms into Armodrillo and tries to prevent Kevin from getting to Morgg, but Kevin is too strong and pushes Armodrillo to the wall, when the mines collapse. Ben, Gwen, and Quince manage to escape, but Ultimate Kevin is trapped on the other side with Morgg. Ultimate Kevin chases Morgg and cuts the line to the elevator which Morgg was trying to use to escape. Luckily, Gwen is able to save Morgg, but he is arrested. They notice most of the prisoners escaping, but Ben allows it, as they are still trapped in the Null Void anyway. Ultimate Kevin also escaped, thinking Morgg is dead. Quince decides to stay, as he still has time to serve. Ben now believes Kevin is too dangerous and tells Gwen that they may have to put him down, much to Gwen's horror.

Noteworthy Events[]

Major Events[]

  • Kevin's time in the Null Void is shown, including how he managed to permanently rid himself of his Kevin 11 mutation and learned to absorb matter.

Character Debuts[]

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Trukk: Fresh meat! Do you know who I am?
Kevin: Don't know, don't care.
Trukk: Name's Trukk. I'm top dog here.
Kevin: Good for you. Go bury a bone or something.

Ben: Gwen, you see what Kevin is capable of now.
Gwen: That's why we have to help him.
Ben: I think we're past that... I think...we have to put him down.
Gwen: (shocked) What's that supposed to mean?

Naming and Translations[]

Language Name Origin
Dutch De geheime grot The Secret Cave
French La grotte cachée The Concealed Cave
German Die geheime Substanz The Secret Substance
Hungarian Vassal Sem Lehet Bezárni a Kalitkába Not Even Iron Can Lock Him in a Cage
Italian La Vendetta di Kevin Kevin's Revenge
Polish ...Ani Kraty z żelaza Kute ...Nor Wrought Iron Grating
Portuguese (Br) Nem Ferro Barra Uma Gaiola Not Even Iron Stops a Cage
Romanian O Bucată de Fier nu-i o Cuşcă A Piece of Iron is Not a Cage
Spanish (HA) La Mina Secreta The Secret Mine
Spanish (Spain) ...Ni Con Hierro Se Cierra Una Jaula ...Neither Iron Closes A Cage


Voice Actor Role(s)
Yuri Lowenthal Ben Tennyson
Ashley Johnson Gwen Tennyson
Greg Cipes Kevin Levin
Dee Bradley Baker Goop
Echo Echo
Fred Tatasciore Quince
Robot Guard
Kevin Michael Richardson Kwarrel
Xander Berkeley Morgg



  • The name of the episode comes from the poem by Richard Lovelace with a well-known verse being "stone walls do not a prison make, nor iron bars a cage".
  • When the security drone says, "Uh-oh", it is a reference to the Battle Droids from the Star Wars saga.


  • In one shot when Ben and Gwen are in the hospital, the cuff of Ben's left jacket sleeve is white.
  • The closed captions on the Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Power Struggle DVD misspell Incarcecon as "Incarcicon".
  • A robot guard appears in the flashback even though Quince later says that Morgg only replaced the old guards with robots after he took over Incarcecon.
  • When Ben activates the Ultimatrix to turn into Goop, the Ultimatrix is much shorter than usual.
  • When Goop goes under the door of the room he and Gwen were locked in, the Anti-Gravity Projector gets there before the door is even opened.
    • Duncan Rouleau believes that this is because the space underneath the door was not enough to block the Anti-Gravity Projector.[DR 1]
  • When Gwen slaps Humungousaur, he is bigger than usual.
  • The effects for the Echo Echo clones' sonic screams appear before they open their mouths.
  • In one shot, the Echo Echo clones are shown to be projecting one big sonic scream instead of each clone having their own scream.
  • When Armodrillo tackles Ultimate Kevin, Ultimate Kevin's appearance is reversed.
  • When Armodrillo holds Ultimate Kevin by the leg, his Rath claw is transparent in one shot.


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