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Mulan IX: Hakuna Matata is the sequel of Mulan, Mulan II, Mulan III, Mulan IV, Mulan V, Mulan VI, Mulan VII and Mulan VIII. This movie has elements of Grimm's (The Twelve Huntsmen), (The Book of Esther) and (The Woman Warrior). It stars the voices of Ming-Na Wen, B.D. Wong, Harvey Fierstein, Pat Morita, Sandra Oh, Soon-Tek Oh, Gedde Watanabe, Lucy Liu, Lauren Tom, Freda Foh Shen, Russell Wong, Dan Castellaneta, April Winchell John Cho, Bai Ling, Greg Baldwin, James Shigeta, James Hong, Mark Moseley, James Sie, Sab Shimono, Randall Dum Kim, Eddie Murphy and Frank Welker, Matthew Broderick, Robert Earl Jones, Nathan Lane, Ernie Sabella... Coming On June 2th 2028.


(A few months after Mulan II, Fa Mulan must help a Chinese maiden named Wei Hua to save her father Wu Takashi, who is imprisoned in Japan. Reluctant at first, (because the Chinese and Japanese hate each other), Mulan later agreed and convince her friends Mei, Su, and Ting-Ting to join her (since their husbands were summon by the Emperor, too). But to not let the Japanese Empire who they are, Mulan and her friends along with seven woman, disguise themselves as soldiers of the Imperial Army. During their mission, Wei Hua fell in love with the shogun's son, Ippei (who is a samurai), and discovers that she is half-Chinese and half-Japanese. After discovering a plan by an evil advisor, will Wei Hua, Mulan, and the others stop them at the cost of revealing who they are?)

(tương tự như Mulan 3).


  • Main Title (Mulan IX)
  • Lesson Number Two (a music of Mulan IX)
  • Hakuna Matata (The Lion King, The Lion King 3, Mulan IX)
  • Digga Tunnah (ending scene song)

Here Beside Me (end title song of Mulan II, Mulan III, and Mulan IX...)


  • Ming-Na as Fa Mulan (singing voice provided by Lea Salonga )
  • B.D. Wong as Shang
  • Nathan Lane as Timon and Ernie Sabella as Pumbaa...
  • Peter Browngardt as Uncle Grandpa

Gallery of recurring characters[]

Fa Mulan



Yao, Ling and Chien Po

Ting-Ting, Mei and Su

Uncle Grandpa

Timon, and Pumbaa

Hyenas (Shenzi, Banzai and Ed)