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(...) In the funeral of Mushu, Mulan, Shang and Cri-Kee and three friends of Mulan (Yao, Chien-Po and Ling) and the China People are crying and pain over a Mushu's Death.

The Emperor of China: My children, we come here to mourn the passing (or the death) of Mushu, he is a best dragon of Mulan, he soon died because "to be" Count Venamus to push down the abyss (...). We may never know, we know is that : Mushu's dead. In conclusion, Mushu is departured.

Mulan (crying): No! No! MUSHUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are died!!!!!!!!!!!

Shang: Mulan, please don't cry!!

Cri-kee: MUSHUUUU!!!!!!! NOOOO!!!!!