First TransformationEdit

Ben first transformed into Chromastone in "All That Glitters".


Chromastone is made from an extremely durable crystal, and is nearly invulnerable. He can absorb lasers and light beams, and fire them out at his own free will. An example of his ability is when he creates powerful electrical force. Light based weapons are also useless against Chromastone. He also has notably high strength. Chromastone is more powerful than Diamondhead. He is never seen being shattered furthermore he is made up with special crystal than a normal one that's harder than Diamondhead's.

==Weaknesses tıpkı elmas kafa ya benzediği gibe en az onunla aynı güşlere sahibti sadece görünümü benzemez

Based OnEdit

Chromastone is probably based on Diamondhead and Benvicktor.


Chromastone is a Crystalsapien from the planet MorOtesi.