Ben 10 game creator is as cartoon network game where people can make there own games for other people to play. The game creator has 5 steps. Step one alows the player to chose a pre-made course or to start from scratch. Step two is to chose a backround of the playing field. The third step of game is to choose a character to fight with, the options are swampfire,humungasaur,spidermonkey,and jetray.The four step is to chose the goal of the game. The options for step four are get to the door,collect all orbs,beat all enemys,and beat all enemys and collect all goals. The fifth step to create your game is to make your level design. The different things you can put on your level are three different types of surfaces,a decaying surface,three obsticals, a nonmoving enemy(dnalien), a moving alien(robot), alien creator,and three types of orbs. Step six you have to beat your own course to make shure it is beatable.Then you can send your game to Cartoon network to make sure it is ready for the public. Eventually you will see your game ready for public. You must make a Cartoon Network acount to upload your game.

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