Ben 10

İnan bana, gitmek isteyeceksin Ben. Bunu anlamamı sağladığınız için teşekkürler.

– Ben 10,000 10 yaşındaki Ben.[1]

Benjamin "Ben" Kirby Tennyson, nicknamed Ben 10,000, is one of Ben's possible futures from an alternate timeline in which he is a full time superhero.[note 1]

Ben 10,000's nickname comes from the fact that Ben now has access to at least 10,000 alien forms (though he says he stopped counting since then).


In the possible future, Ben 10,000 has a thick, muscular build. He wears a skintight outfit, and sports a full beard.

In Ben 10,000, his outfit is consisted of tight army green slim fit pants pulled up to his waist. He wears a short sleeve black t-shirt tucked in, with white stripes around his neck, on the front and back, and a one inch white stripe on the sleeve. He also wears a black belt, black fingerless gloves, and black knee-high boots.

In Ken 10, his hair is more tousled, still sporting the beard, and his hair went gray at the back and sides of his head. His skintight outfit is the same he wore when he was 10, which is inverted on his shirt. He wears a short sleeve white t-shirt tucked in his tight army green slim fit pants pulled up to his waist. His shirt has black stripes around his neck, on the front and back, and a one inch black stripe on the sleeve, which ends at his biceps. He also wears a black belt, black fingerless gloves, and black knee-high boots. In addition to wearing his classic look, his belt has pouches.

In Omniverse, he has less gray hair on the sides and back of his head. His wardrobe has changed a bit. He now wears a short-sleeve white t-shirt tucked in his tight army green slim fit pants pulled up to his waist. His shirt has bright green stripes around his neck, on the front and back, and a one inch stripe on the sleeve, which ends at his biceps. The green stripe on his shirt matches with the Omnitrix when fully charged. His belt buckle has the number 10K on it, colored green, and dark graphite kneepads.


Ben 10,000 had stayed cocky and happy until he was 20,[note 2] when Vilgax showed up one day. It's unclear on the details about what happened that day that caused his change, but it caused him to mutilate Vilgax.

Ever since then, Ben 10,000 became so strict, cynical, and serious about the hero business to the point where it's almost obsessive. He rarely turned back to his human form, spending most of his time as XLR8, skimming his patrol routes and brutalizing criminals as quickly as he could. He has also stopped naming his aliens, which the present Ben considers "half the fun" of using them.

Ben 10,000 stayed this serious for ten years until Gwendolyn brought his younger self to talk to him. After taking on Vilgax, Ben 10,000 started to lighten up in time for Max's 80th birthday.

Twelve years after Animo's break in, Ben 10,000 has lightened up, and it has been reflected in his brighter clothing, the fact that he started naming his aliens again, and his time spent with his son.[2]

While he tries to be close with his son, Ben 10,000 can doubt his abilities as a parent and become over-protective. He can also be somewhat obtuse, not realizing where his son got his attitude from and grasping the obvious to Max's annoyance.[2]

Ben 10,000 possesses a commendable amount of bravery and courage. Upon seeing the detonation of Vilgax's Chronosapien Time Bomb, rather than panicking and trying to run, he fearlessly charged towards it and tried to stop it with Atomic-X (only to fail).[3]

Ben 10,000 still has a teasing side, calling the alternate counterpart of his cousin Gwen 10 "dweeb" when she made a smart quip about him.[4] He is also a bit nostalgic of an earlier time in his life, having fond memories of Skurd, the Proto-TRUK and the Tenn-Speed.[5]

Despite his change to more light-hearted and relaxed person, Ben 10,000 has a ferocious temper that returns him to his more aggressive and grim personage he displayed up until his thirties. The best example of this is when he transformed into Way Big and viciously pounded Kevin 11,000 into the ground for attacking Ken.[2]


Ben 10[]

Ben 10,000

In Ben 10,000

Ben 10,000 first appears in his self-titled episode, when his cousin brought his and her younger selves to help them fight Animo and a resurrected Vilgax. As the younger Gwen pointed out, Gwendolyn brought the younger Ben so that Ben 10,000 can get a major attitude adjustment. This interaction with his younger self caused him to lighten up somewhat, renaming his aliens. In preparation his son Ken's 10th birthday, Ben used his smartest aliens to create a replica Omnitrix[pop-up 3][2] that behaves much like the first one he wore in his youth.

Dosya:Ben 10k.png

In Ken 10

In Ken 10, Ben 10,000 defeats Vulkanus just in time to attend Ken's birthday and gives him his own Omnitrix. They then worked together to defeat villains such as Sploot and Mot Snikrep. However, Ken barely contributes as much to his disappointment. Ben 10,000 and Ken rekindle their relation when working together to defeat an escaped Kevin 11,000. Kevin's son Devlin, who also helped defeat his father, is given the opportunity to live with the Tennysons following their victory.

Ultimate Alien[]

Ben 10,000 was mentioned by the other Ben 10,000 in Ben 10,000 Returns when Professor Paradox mentioned that they traveled into crosstime.


Over the next few years, Ben 10,000 would develop a dual-Omnitrix system called the Biomnitrix,[DJW 3] once again with the help of his smartest aliens.[DJW 4]

In Ben Again, Ben 10,000 came to Ben's time zone looking for Professor Paradox, asking the present Ben for Paradox's location. He also informed his younger counterpart that "the Chronosapiens had gone rogue and Maltruant's temporal beasts are on a cross-dimensional rampage", he also states "this time war is getting out of hand."

In And Then There Were None, Ben 10,000 arrives along with Gwen 10 and Ben 23 to assist in the battle against the evil Bens, courtesy of Professor Paradox. Ben displays his first use of the Biomnitrix's fusion abilities to transform into Fourmungousaur. He fought Mad Ben as Rath and Benzarro as Snare-oh until the Chronosapien Time Bomb went off. Ben 10,000 tried to stop the bomb by using Atomic-X but was apparently erased from existence, just like the other Bens.

In And Then There Was Ben, Ben 10,000 was visited by Professor Paradox and the other alternate Bens to be recruited for the ultimate battle against Vilgax and later on he was brought back into existence by No Watch Ben as Clockwork. Ben 10,000 and his fellow Bens battled Vilgax together and won. He was then sent back to his own timeline after escorting the good Omnitrix wielders to their timelines.

In Fight at the Museum, Ben 10,000 hugged his beloved wife after she received her orb back.

In Let's Do the Time War Again Professor Paradox brought Ben 10,000 back in time in order to contain the rampage of a Time Beast. Using Crashocker, he fought against Exo-Skull and Subdora and later on used Uprigg to rebuild the destroyed Proto-TRUK and Tenn-Speed into Time Cycles. Returning to the past once more after his past self destroys Bellwood, again, he fights Eon's Servants as Big Chuck. Later on, once the crisis is resolved, Paradox takes Ben 10,000 back in time to close the time loop that they created before sending him back to his own time.

In The End of an Era, he and Kai tried to stop Dr. Animo from using the Chronoporter to escape to the past, but fail. They are then surprised when Spanner brings Animo back seconds later. Ben greets him warmly, remarking that he hasn't seen him in years. Ben calls for Ken, who comes into the room, carrying the Omnitrix (which Kai confiscates, as he is grounded), and is confused by Spanner suddenly vanishing.

The family teleports to the Plumber Headquarters to attend Max's retirement party, bringing Animo to be imprisoned. In the middle of the party, the power suddenly goes out due to a solar flare. Gwendolyn senses Maltruant's presence, and she, Ben and Kai go to confront him. After briefly being unable to use the Biomnitrix due to the solar flares, Ben battles Maltruant as Atomic-X.

When Spanner appears on the scene, Atomic-X defends him from a blast from Maltruant, changing back to Ben. Spanner calls Ben "Dad", revealing that he is Ken, having been given his suit by Professor Paradox. Ben tells Ken to go back in time and get help. Shortly after, he, Kai and Gwendolyn are frozen in time by Maltruant. When Ken returns with the present day Ben and Rook, Ken unleashes some Techadon Robots, one of whom saves Ben 10,000 after he is thrown into space by Maltruant.

In A New Dawn, Ben 10,000 is no longer frozen in time and given the wounded Ken to take care of by his younger self.

Powers and Abilities[]

Ben 10,000 can transform into any of his aliens at will, due to having unlocked the Master Control. As Ben got older, the Omnitrix also transformed, thereby giving him more control and access to more aliens.[pop-up 4][1] He can also fuse any two aliens from the Omnitrix database with his Biomnitrix system.

Ben 10,000 has mastered his alien forms and is capable of using their powers to their fullest potential. This is thanks to both years of practice and Ben enhancing each of his aliens with nanotech.[pop-up 5][1] As such, the aliens themselves have changed, with their appearances being different and their abilities being at greater levels.

When presented with a problem, Ben 10,000 presents a quick and logical response to it. His intelligence is most evident by his creation of Ken's Omnitrix and the Biomnitrix via the collaboration of multiple intelligent transformations. His sharp mind allows him to take advantage of most situations and turn the tide in his favor.

On his own, Ben 10,000 is strong enough to knock down aliens of his size or larger, allowing him to hold his own against opponents when his Omnitrix has timed out. Of course, he is very much dependent on transforming while fighting more powerful opponents like Vilgax[1] and Maltruant.[6]


Ben 10[]

Season 3[]

  • Ben 10,000 (first appearance)

Season 4[]

  • Ken 10


Season 3[]

  • Ben Again (first re-appearance)

Season 5[]

  • And Then There Were None
  • And Then There Was Ben

Season 7[]

  • Fight at the Museum (cameo)

Season 8[]

  • Let's Do the Time War Again
  • The End of an Era
  • A New Dawn (cameo)


  1. Derrick J. Wyatt claims that this Ben 10,000 is the current real future of Ben as of Omniverse.
    • Canonically, that does not make sense as Ben 10,000 was always supposed to be from an alternate timeline in which Ben 10,000 had not given Grandpa Max a cake on his birthday when he was 10, while Ben Prime did.[DM 1][DM 2][DM 3][pop-up 1][1] Derrick responded to the matter by saying: "Your 'plot holes' are irrelevant. Time isn't completely fixed, it's shifting. Events can be subtlety altered. But Ben 10,000 is the future for the Ben Prime timeline."[DJW 1]
    • This wiki, however, keeping in mind the logical fallacy in the remark, considers Ben 10,000 to be from an alternate timeline and not the current future of Ben Prime, effectively expunging DJW's remark.
    • Matt Wayne too confirms that Ben 10,000 is one of the many possible futures, not necessarily Ben Prime's.[MW 1][MW 2] Duncan Rouleau is not sure whether it is the original future or an alternate one.[DR 1]
  2. The events that caused Ben to lose his joy of being a hero originally were supposed to occur when Ben 10,000 was 15.[pop-up 2][1] This has been changed to when he is 20.[DJW 2]


  • Prior to his personality change at the end of Ben 10,000, Ben stayed XLR8 so he could patrol the whole planet 24/7.[pop-up 6][1]
    • The Biomnitrix represents the idea that Ben has learned his lesson to lighten up following Ben 10,000.[DJW 5]
  • The reason the Omniverse creative team brought back the original Ben 10,000 instead of working on a new one like in Ultimate Alien was because the executive pushed for having everything more like the original series, which was the most successful of the franchise.[DJW 6]
    • Additionally, Derrick J. Wyatt found the original series future to be cool, and the idea of Ultimate Ben to be really lame.[DJW 7]
  • The reason Judd Nelson was chosen for the role of Ben 10,000 in Omniverse is that Matt Youngberg thought that Nelson's voice sounded like it was in between of Yuri Lowenthal's and Paul Eiding's.[DJW 8]
  • Prior to the introduction of Ken, Tom Perkins had a story in mind for how the tale of Ben Tennyson would eventually lead to a successor for the Omnitrix.{{Refn|File:Tom Perkins Ben 10K Successor.PNG
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