Ben 10

Bu konu Ben 10 Alien Force'in bölümüdür .].

  • Önceki Bölüm: Kevin's Big Score
  • Sonraki Bölüm: Max Out

After Grandpa Max leaves Ben a series of instructions to contact a team of heroes, Ben tries to recruit a boy named Mike Morningstar. But, as Ben, as well as Gwen, find out, all that glitters is far from golden.


Kevin and Gwen have a fight over how Kevin is reluctant to admit how he likes Gwen. When a boy named Mike Morningstar helps them save a city, Gwen seems instantly smitten over him, and Kevin is resentful over this. At a power plant, a group of schoolgirls from Mike's school who appear to have been made into zombies, attacks them, and later Gwen suddenly seems like she is about to faint. When Mike invites Gwen for dinner, Kevin's suspicions are aroused, and he breaks into Mike's house, despite Ben's trust in Mike.

Later it is discovered that whenever Mike touches someone, usually a girl, a mark of a star in a circle appears on their arm. The star sucks out their powers and feeds Mike's. When Kevin and Ben fail to defeat Mike, who has taken all of Gwen's energy, Gwen manages to stop him and sucks all his powers out. The girls he fed on quickly take back their energy as well, leaving Mike totally defenseless.

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