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The following is a list of episodes for Ben 10: Ultimate Alien. A total 52 episodes and 1 crossover special were made. Episodes 1 through 10 were intended be season 1 and episodes 11 through 20 were to be season 2 but they were merged into one due to Cartoon Network's schedule.

Season 1: 2019 (Episodes 1 - 20)[]

Image Title Number Overall Original Airdate
UA01 Fame 1 99 April 23, 2010
Ben's secret identity is exposed, casting him into the spotlight. Elsewhere, an alien plans to detonate a nuclear bomb.
File:AU ep 02 Duped.PNG Duped 2 100 April 30, 2010
Ben uses Echo Echo to make two clones of himself to attempt to be in three places at once.
UA03 Hit 'Em Where They Live 3 101 May 7, 2010
Zombozo, Charmcaster, and Vulkanus form an alliance and plan to ambush Ben's parents.
File:UA04.png Video Games 4 102 May 14, 2010
Will Harangue comes up with a mastermind plan to put an end to Ben, the 'menace'.
File:Escape From Aggregor.png Escape from Aggregor 5 103 May 21, 2010
The real story behind Aggregor and his escaped prisoners is revealed.
THtH (318) Too Hot to Handle 6 104 May 28, 2010
After Kevin accidentally releases Aggregor's third prisoner from a suit that protects others from his radiation, the gang has to stop him from radiating the Earth.
File:A'F(26).png Andreas' Fault 7 105 June 4, 2010
The gang encounter Argit, who has teamed up with the Forever Knights and Aggregor's fourth prisoner.
Fused (238) Fused 8 106 June 11, 2010
Ben accidentally gets fused with Aggregor's fifth prisoner who has no plans of getting out of his body...
UA09 Hero Time 9 107 June 18, 2010
Ben's childhood hero makes a comeback while he's on a date with a beautiful, young movie actress.
Ultimate Aggregor Ultimate Aggregor 10 108 October 10, 2010
Aggregor, having recaptured the five aliens, puts his ultimate plan into action.
File:Map of Infinity.png Map of Infinity 11 109 October 10, 2010
Ben must stop the newly transformed and extremely dangerous Aggregor from attaining the first piece of the Map of Infinity.
Reflected Glory Reflected Glory 12 110 October 15, 2010

Cash and J.T. take credit for Ben's successes, so Psyphon comes back thinking J.T. and Cash were responsible for Vilgax's defeat.

Deep Deep 13 111 October 22, 2010
Ben and the gang travel to a water planet in order to stop Aggregor from obtaining the second piece of the Map of Infinity.
File:Yahwahtacsip.PNG Where the Magic Happens 14 112 October 29, 2010
Gwen is forced to team up with her nemesis, Charmcaster, when the team finds themselves to have to stop Aggregor in a hostile magical dimension.
File:Perplexahedron.PNG Perplexahedron 15 113 November 5, 2010
With the fourth piece of the Map of Infinity almost in Aggregor's clutches, the gang chase him through the artificial planetoid known as the Perplexahedron.
Mother celetialsapien The Forge of Creation 16 114 November 12, 2010
When Aggregor goes after the limitless power of Alien X, the gang are forced to do whatever it takes...
File:LilKev.PNG ...Nor Iron Bars a Cage 17 115 November 19, 2010
Old feelings resurface when Kevin returns to the Null Void that housed him for years.
The Enemy of My Enemy The Enemy of My Enemy 18 116 December 3, 2010
Argit asks for protection from Ben and Gwen after Kevin decides to finish him off.
Kevinalan Absolute Power: Part 1 19 117 December 10, 2010
When Ben and Gwen are faced with an unexpected enemy, Gwen turns to Darkstar for help.
File:Absolute power part 2.PNG Absolute Power: Part 2 20 118 December 10, 2010
Gwen and Ben have to do whatever it takes to bring down the "mad dog" Kevin.

Season 2: 2019 (Episodes 21 - 32)[]

Image Title Number Overall Original Airdate
TToE (54) The Transmogrification of Eunice 21 119 February 4, 2011
The gang meet a new girl called Eunice and everything is going well... until Sunder shows up for her.
File:Eye of the beholer.png Eye of the Beholder 22 120 February 11, 2011
When Baz-El gets captured, it's up to Ben and the others to rescue him.
Viktor The Spoils Viktor: The Spoils 23 121 February 18, 2011
The team are called in to investigate a dispute in the small country of Zarkovia. Once there, they discover an old enemy is about to be unleashed.
File:UA 24.PNG The Big Story 24 122 March 4, 2011
While looking for a story to put on his site, Jimmy sees a strange meteorite fall to Earth.
File:Girl Trouble.png Girl Trouble 25 123 March 11, 2011
Gwen is infuriated by the prospect of her cousin paying the team a visit, and it only gets worse when it is uncovered that her cousin is not entirely human...
File:UA Revenge of the Swarm.PNG Revenge of the Swarm 26 124 March 18, 2011
The gang face the swarm again, but this time with a new, more powerful queen.
File:Broken Seal.PNG The Creature from Beyond 27 125 March 25, 2011
An evil creature released from another dimension has plans to enslave the human race for its master.
File:Taemtraining.png Basic Training 28 126 April 1, 2011
Ben, Gwen, and Kevin are forced to go through basic training at the Plumbers' Academy.
File:Gwen Waking Up.PNG It's Not Easy Being Gwen 29 127 April 8, 2011
A day in the hectic life of Gwen Tennyson.
Ben 10,000 UA Ben 10,000 Returns 30 128 April 15, 2011
Ben 10,000 returns to help Ben battle a new, dangerous threat.
MS (122) Moonstruck 31 129 April 22, 2011
Max tells the kids about his first encounter with aliens and the story of how he and Verdona met and fell in love.
AU ep 32 Prisoner Number 775 Is Missing 32 130 April 29, 2011
The team takes a look at the real purpose of Area 51 and have to recapture an escaped alien prisoner.

Season 3: 2019 (Episodes 33 - 52)[]

Image Title Number Overall Original Airdate
File:The Purge.PNG The Purge 33 131 September 16, 2011
Old George brings the Forever Knights in one group in order to vanquish every alien being on Earth.
Simian Says Simian Says 34 132 September 23, 2011
A Xenocyte Queen takes over the Arachnichimps' home planet.
File:Covergrettingstechadon.png Greetings from Techadon 35 133 September 30, 2011
Ben finds himself in an inescapable situation when Techadons, custom-made to destroy him, start coming after him.
File:Copy of Flame Keepers circle.PNG The Flame Keepers' Circle 36 134 October 7, 2011
Julie joins a fanatical group who, unbeknownst to her, have discovered Vilgax and worship him.
Albedo Double or Nothing Double or Nothing 37 135 October 14, 2011
Albedo resurfaces, and he's making money off of Ben's fame.
TPGF The Perfect Girlfriend 38 136 October 21, 2011
The nanochips are back, and have disguised themselves as Julie.
File:Freed Ultimates.PNG The Ultimate Sacrifice 39 137 October 28, 2011
The six Ultimate Forms demand their freedom from the Ultimatrix.
File:The Widening Gyre.png The Widening Gyre 40 138 November 4, 2011

The team battles a new, dangerous threat in the Pacific Ocean.

Ma vreedle giving birth The Mother of All Vreedles 41 139 November 18, 2011
Ma Vreedle plans to create a clone army of her newest spawn, using all of Earth's saltwater as a key ingredient in the cloning process.
Sir George with Diagon's heart A Knight to Remember 42 140 December 2, 2011
Vilgax and the Flame Keepers' Circle duel George and the Forever Knights, who oppose their goals of reviving Dagon.


Solitary Alignment 43 141 December 9, 2011
Azmuth reveals how Sir George got his sword and slayed Dagon, and the team decides to make a deal with the First Knight.
Ben and Techadon Weapon Master 003 Inspector 13 44 142 February 4, 2012
A mysterious weapon master from Techadon visits Earth and wants the Ultimatrix to enhance his creations.
Ben 10 AU ep 45 Enemy of My Frenemy 45 143 February 11, 2012
Ben, Gwen, and Kevin set out to rescue Charmcaster from Ledgerdomain, but, unbeknownst to them, Charmcaster has plans of her own.
Hope and Michael 008 Couples Retreat 46 144 February 18, 2012
Darkstar finds his way into Ledgerdomain, where he seduces Charmcaster, using her energies in his latest attempt to destroy Ben, Gwen, and Kevin.
Nemesis jennifer Catch a Falling Star 47 145 February 25, 2012
Movie star Jennifer Nocturne, who is not in her right mind, teams up with the evil Captain Nemesis.
Ben 10 AU ep 48 The Eggman Cometh 48 146 March 3, 2012
Dr. Animo returns with an army of dragon-like mutants, while Ben has his own problems with his new transformation, Juryrigg.
NotLN (23) Night of the Living Nightmare 49 147 March 10, 2012
Albedo tries to reclaim the Ultimatrix from Ben by transporting him into one of his own worst nightmares.
Heatblast Sir George Vilgax The Beginning of the End 50 148 March 17, 2012
The Flame Keepers' Circle try to release Dagon from his dimension, but Vilgax is released instead.
File:Diagon Vilgax Psyphon.png The Super Enemy: Part 1 51 149 March 24, 2012
Dagon breaks out of the seal and turns all humans into Flame Keepers' Circle soldiers.
File:Giganyte Supremo vs. Diagon!.png The Super Enemy: Part 2 52 150 March 31, 2012
Vilgax betrays Dagon so that he can absorb all of his power to destroy his one true enemy: Ben Tennyson.


Image Title Original Airdate
File:Heroes United Opening.png Ben 10-Generator Rex: Heroes United November 25, 2011
After arriving in Rex's world, Ben Tennyson has no other choice than to team up with Providence's secret weapon in order to defeat a new, very dangerous threat.